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by bnnm at 4:03 PM EDT on July 14, 2018
FIFA 14 PS4 samples
by Nicknine at 4:19 PM EDT on July 14, 2018
Hmm, the format does seem a bit different from the one I saw in NFS: Undercover. Also, EA continues being schizophrenic with byte endianess, yay.

EDIT: Not sure how this tool even works on these files (assuming it does work), the main header looks same but the format of the files table is nothing like what's described in the tool code. It doesn't even make sense, the header says there are 32 files and the table is 40 bytes.

EDIT 2: Okay, the header must be different, too, and table near the header looks like it contains offsets to entries in "data" section.

EDIT 3: Worth noting that the audio in these files is EASpeex which is not supported by vgmstream.
@bnnm This Python script does support EASpeex, you might be able to use that.

I'm getting close to figuring it out, the table near the header points to DSET sections which in turn contain references to one or multiple files (usually 3?). Inside DSET section, there's .OFF section which starts with base offset and follows up with relative offsets of all files. Now I'm trying to understand where the number of files in the set is.

edited 5:47 PM EDT July 14, 2018
by Ultrafighter at 5:11 PM EDT on July 14, 2018
@Bnnm - "AFAIK foobar can't play/export any file over 8ch"
I can confirm that as it's my main player, it's actually quite embarrassing because FB2K won't even skip a bunch of 8+ch. tracks automatically, it'll simply stop on each file with more than 8 channels making you skip them manually.

"Use test.exe to convert any >8ch files to wav"
Or simply go to "options and stuff" in XMPlay, select menu named "output" (at the bottom) and change audio device (dropdown menu at top) to "WAV Writer" and apply changes. If you try playing any tracks now XMPlay will dump them to PCM WAVs instead.
Winamp and other players should have converters too, one just has to find them somewhere in options.

"Road Rash 3D is all empty"
You mean there's just video data in WVEs, no audio at all and all 35 movies are silent?

"NFS Rivals, both work fine for me"
Now that I tested both files in a default player of mine I confirm that they can really be played now, take my word for they weren't playable in May. I'm sorry for not checking those SPSs before posting them.

"SVG, like other TXTH things, will be added eventually"
Are you saying you're going to make a TXTH for such streams or the format will be added to VGMstream (with *.SVG extension)?
Do you think they should be played as 2ch ADPCM tracks or each SVG must be deinterleaved into a pair of separate (headerless?) channels then a TXTP should be made for reconstruction of initial stereo sound? The 1st solution seems to be the best one for me but maybe the 2nd one is more... proper and legit?

by kode54 at 8:44 PM EDT on July 14, 2018
>8ch is an afterthought in foobar2000 anyway, as most components that produce audio for formats without channel masks have to use a SDK function to "guess" the channel mask, and that function only supports up to 8 channels. It's built into the component itself, so the component has to be updated if that function is ever updated.

Or you could, I suppose, just randomly start filling out channel bits for >8ch output, and deal with the OS or the player stuffing the channels in wrong places.
by Nicknine at 9:42 PM EDT on July 14, 2018
@bnnm - Phew, this format was really confusing but I think I got everything needed to get audio files figured out. Here's QuickBMS script:

EA New SBR Extractor
Taiko Switch Audio by Deathmaw at 11:58 PM EDT on July 14, 2018
Was wondering if anyone could take a look at the Audio Files from Taiko on the Switch, extension is .nus3bank but seems to just be a container, I notice "OPUS" in the header but so thought maybe it would be similar to Fast RMX on Switch which is supported? but no luck so far.

Taiko Switch Sample Files
by Franpa at 4:03 AM EDT on July 15, 2018
<i>foobar/Winamp vgmstream includes a downmixer (see config, ex 12ch > 8ch, 0 = no downmix), but it's very simple and quieter channels may be almost inaudible.
There is little I can do (downmixing is surprisingly involved), other than add some more config.</i>

Winamp does? I can't find the option. It isn't in the vgmstream input plugin, none of the output plugins and nothing about downmixing is in the DSP/Effect list nor the Playback list either.

I downloaded the plugin via

edited 4:07 AM EDT July 15, 2018
by bnnm at 5:41 AM EDT on July 15, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add SVG extension [Hunter: The Reckoning - Wayward (PS2)]
- Fix some EA SNS end samples [Need for Speed Undercover (PS3)]
- Fix some .wem PCM [Limbo (PC)]
- Fix PS3 EA SCHl [Need for Speed: Carbon (PS3)]
- Fix missing end samples in foobar
- (dev) XA code cleanup
- Add Bandai Namco Opus found in NUS3Banks (Taiko no Tatsujin and future games) (by bxaimc)
- Adjust VPK code to fix some oddities (by AnonBaiter)


@Ultrafighter - Road Racer 3D only has video data, no audio. The .bms isn't detecting this and creates empty files.
SVG I think it's fine as a single 2ch file, VAGp subheaders aren't important here.

TXTH I mean I'll probably add the SVG format directly to vgmstream, as well as others formats only playable with TXTH at the moment, but not soon.

@Deathmaw - they work now if you remove the part before "OPUS" and rename to .lopus, may add .nus3bank directly later.

@kode54 - Right now is either "force the plugin to know the mapping" or "don't play at all".
Maybe foobar shouldn't assign channel bits/mapping (no output I guess?) to >8ch channels, then the user can use DSP plugins to configure them.
Or it can already do that if I pass the config manually instead of using g_guess_channel_config?

@Franpa - its in the config for me. Are you updating the plugin correctly?

by Franpa at 9:09 AM EDT on July 15, 2018
Oh jeeze, I'm an idiot. I've been overlooking it this entire time -_-"


So if I had a 7.1 speaker setup I'd set it to 7 speakers right? Because you wouldn't want one of the channels exclusively coming out of the subwoofer?

edited 9:11 AM EDT July 15, 2018
by Koto at 11:04 AM EDT on July 15, 2018
A little question about Super Mario Odyssey and channels...

There's some demo tracks (Despicteds as StSyD0XX) that have sound effects mixed with the music in the same channel. Is there someway to pull apart the sound effects or is that the original recording? Thanks...

Example file

edited 11:07 AM EDT July 15, 2018

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