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by Ultrafighter at 6:27 AM EDT on October 26, 2018
Hi Bnnm, may I ask you to look into this bunch of example files? Some come from a few FC VGs but other samples originate from completely different titles.
Here's a list of contents:

1) WWE 2K17 (X360) - it's the least important thing actually, there're thousands of WEMs but just this file doesn't play no matter the extension (I tried WAV, vgmstream, even XMA but no dice);

2) Project Cars 2 (PS4) - first and foremost it's not my rip, I got if off JoshW and found an unplayable *.bik there (all remaining BIKs & 100% FSBs play fine). I'm wondering what's wrong with it...

3) Monster 4x4 - Masters of metal (GC) - this isn't overly important too but it'd be nice if I was able to rip this platform as well. You see there're mostly BGRs without accompanying files but sometimes there're BGH\BGR pairs (the latter look like sound archives though) and it's gotta be headerless DSP (or some Nintendo ADPCM variant), my main concern is whether we can make GENHs or TXTHs for them or not (figuring out interleave should be the most tricky part I guess). Also there might be those dreaded COEFFs which are needed for playback too...
So is it absolutely needed to delve in the game EXE to find those COEFFs or we can play the streams just setting TXTH right (a value for interleave is still going to be required I suppose but tracks will play alright without COEFFs)?
BTW I included *.txth docs from my PS2 rip of the same title, they might be helpful I presume;

4) Far cry 3 & Blood dragon (PC) - both were unpacked using Gibbed.Dunia2.Unpack.exe & names of extensionless files appear correct so I can't wait to hear if they seem usable by VGMstream.
FC2 - surprisingly both X360 & Windows ports - simply crashes the program and doesn't work too (even that fix of the script for Far Cry Instincts Predator by AnonBaiter stops with exactly the same error). Well I still have PlayStation 3 version left, it looks like this was ripped with help of Gibbed.Dunia2...

All the best!
by ChillyBilly at 12:07 AM EDT on October 27, 2018
@bnnm: Sorry it took a while, but hopefully these will help for the Rusty Pup files.

That being said, I have a new issue to bring up: I recently ripped the PS4 version of SRW Moon Dwellers, and though I got AT9 files from the sound archives, they have an "MSF2" header, and don't play for me (at least, not in foobar, anyway). Maybe you could check this out, as well?

Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers
by punk7890-2 at 7:39 AM EDT on October 30, 2018
Would it be possible to support these .PCM files? I can't seem to figure out the loop points used in these files. These come from a PS2 game called "Duel Masters: Birth of Super Dragon"
by bnnm at 4:13 PM EDT on October 30, 2018
@Anterag - may be fixed next week/year/never, FFmpeg devs aren't accepting my fixes ATM

@Nisto - which other (PS1?) games use .vs, samples? FFX voices you posted before do need 48000 (I checked vids).
Maybe "pitch" depends on console's default sample rate (PS2=48000, PS1=44100, IIRC), there is also value at 0x14.
(probably fastest would be hex edit those values in ISO + emu test changes)

@Ultrafighter - WWE is a "truncated / pre-loading" wem (useless) or bad rip.
Project Cars 2 bik looks a bit strange, maybe bad rip?
Monster 4x4 subsong headers/coefs are in the .bgh, could be added later.
Far Cry all those are data (".sbao"), you need to find headers (".bao") that are usually smaller files, perhaps not correctly extracted or in another bigfile.

@punk7890-2 - try TXTH. Some loops may be slightly off but I'd need to check the full set to figure out.
by Anterag at 4:31 PM EDT on October 30, 2018
@Ultrafighter/bnnm - Thanks for responding. I'll wait :D
by Nisto at 6:13 PM EDT on October 30, 2018
@bnnm: I don't know if there are any PS1 games which use VS files. However, I didn't mean to imply that pitch values are specific to the VS format. Pitch values are commonly passed around in all kinds of PS1 games, to play sound effects for example. Typically, the function SpuSetVoiceAttr is used, which takes a pitch value as an argument, rather than a frequency/sample rate. I haven't read up as much about the PS2 yet, but this is what I know for PS1. Information on this stuff is kind of scattered, but if you are interested, you can find some information on page 1092 in the Library Reference PDF, and page 271 in the Library Overview PDF in PsyQ SDK v4.7.

With that said, I'm fairly confident the formula I posted is correct. And you are most definitely right about PS2 using a default rate of 48000 Hz rather than 44100 Hz (PS1), which is also why I multiply by 48000 in the formula. Nevertheless, I did as you suggested - I changed the value of one of the dialogue files and loaded up the game in PCSX2. Sure enough, changing the value from 4096 to 2048 halves the sample rate, as I expected.

The value at 0x14 is the volume (also confirmed).

edited 7:54 PM EDT October 30, 2018
by AnonRunzes at 7:19 PM EDT on October 30, 2018
SquareSoft didnt use the VS format on one of their PS1 games at all
instead they used the AKAO format, which was basically three things - it could be either some sort of "sound bank"-ish file, streamed file(although governed by a movie file as evidenced by Final Fantasy VIII, Seiken Densetsu, Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy IX), or a simple sequenced file(music or sound effects alike)

edited 7:26 PM EDT October 30, 2018
by punk7890-2 at 8:00 PM EDT on October 30, 2018
@bnnm Thanks for the TXTH. It appears to work on most, but some don't play. Here is the full set.
by Ultrafighter at 6:10 AM EDT on October 31, 2018
@Bnnm - "WWE is a "truncated / pre-loading" wem (useless) or bad rip"
Of course I'd like to think that it's the latter option and not the former, I usually use either this or that BMS from a trusted source (I believe). In this particular case (as I said before) all extracted WAVs (which I renamed to WEMs) worked fine.

However I'm in the middle of reripping The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and there're much more unplayables, 417 out of 23,000 (or even 24,000 - and that's counting unique streams only, with dupes excluded already). The biggest one is 16 KB while the smallest is 4 KBs. Would you like to take a look at them too? I wanted to include them in my rip but maybe they're totally unneeded?

"Project Cars 2 bik looks a bit strange, maybe bad rip?"
It seems to be Marcusss's set, maybe he can tell us if anything unusual happened in the process (like VGMT's demuxer reporting an error)?

"Monster 4x4 subsong headers/coefs are in the .bgh, could be added later"
It's really cool, I'll be waiting for this update! Or wait - can info about TRACK#.BGR or SAMPLES.BGR be found in 2 BGH files I provided?

"Far Cry all those are data (".sbao"), you need to find headers (".bao") that are usually smaller files, perhaps not correctly extracted or in another bigfile"
It's going to be quite a task, did I get it right that headers might have or don't have extension? For example were extensionless samples I included in my pack *.sbao files too?


edited 6:15 AM EDT October 31, 2018
by marcusss at 8:19 AM EDT on October 31, 2018
Hi bnnm, can you add this .seg format to vgmstream if possible.

seg.xbx header 44AC 44100 Hz audio

The game Demon Stone from Forgotten Realms AD&D is full of them.

SEG examples
.seg examples 2


edited 8:32 AM EDT October 31, 2018

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