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by Nisto at 12:26 PM EDT on April 16, 2014
Has anyone taken a look at what I reported in #console_stream the other day?

Here is a copy-paste from the logs:

[2014-04-05 02:10:01] <Nisto> Hey. I got some VAG files that doesn't play properly in fb2k. I was hoping someone here could take a look at it.
[2014-04-05 02:10:02] <Nisto> Here's a sample:
[2014-04-05 02:10:05] <Nisto> If I convert that file to WAV using VAG Editor from the PSYQ SDK, it comes out the way it's probably expected to:
[2014-04-05 02:10:08] <Nisto> But playing the VAG directly in fb2k.. well, you'll hear/see what's wrong
[2014-04-05 02:10:11] <Nisto> The buggy decoding on some VAGs also seems to cause some issues with the seekbar. Any seeking seems to start the track over, and when the seekpoint has reached the end of the seekbar, it hasn't actually reached the end of the track (i.e. the seekpoint "overflows").
[2014-04-05 02:10:14] <Nisto> If it changes anything.. I'm on fb2k v1.2.9, vgmstream version r1023-5-g955271f

Basically; the VAG loops even though it's not supposed to.

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by Kurausukun at 6:55 PM EDT on April 16, 2014
Here's a sample .nwa file that crashes: (you said "files," but the bgm data folder of this one game alone is over 1GB, so it didn't seem very feasible to upload the whole thing. If you need others too, no problem.)
by kode54 at 10:26 PM EDT on April 16, 2014
Your NWA file is not a problem for the base vgmstream library.

As for the VAG, since it is a mono file, the VAG processor in ps2_vag is designed to search it for loop points, as indicated by a flags field (block + 1) of 0x06 (loop enabled, mark current block as loop start address), and loop end at a flags value of 0x03 (loop enabled, end of sample).

You'll either have to doctor the sample yourself to remove those bits, or remove the code responsible from vgmstream.

EDIT: The NWA crashing is because the foobar2000 input was never updated to declare the get_realname function interface, which the NWA input uses to attempt to locate either of two .INI files which may be in the same directory as the selected .NWA file. This will be fixed in the next update.

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by Kurausukun at 10:54 PM EDT on April 16, 2014
Thanks a lot, that helps a bunch.
by Rew at 10:32 PM EDT on April 17, 2014
Hey gang. I've got a couple issues with vgmstream (I just now discovered it and am trying to install it) and was hoping someone can help me? I'm a complete newb at this stuff, so please bear with me. =X

I read the directions on the readme, and here is the part that got me confused:

"Put libvorbis.dll and libmpg123-0.dll somewhere Windows can find them.
For in_vgmstream this means in the directory with winamp.exe, or in a
system directory. For test.exe this means in the same directory as test.exe,
or in a system directory."

I already put those lib files in my regular Winamp directory, so no problem there. But where do I put the test.exe file? He said put test.exe in the same directory as test.exe, and I didn't know what that meant. (I tried just putting it in the main Winamp directory, but that did no good.)

Then there's this bit that follows afterward:

"--- test.exe ---
Usage: ./test [-o outfile.wav] [-l loop count]
[-f fade time] [-d fade delay] [-ipcmxeE] infile
-o outfile.wav: name of output .wav file, default is dump.wav
-l loop count: loop count, default 2.0
-f fade time: fade time (seconds), default 10.0
-d fade delay: fade delay (seconds, default 0.0
-i: ignore looping information and play the whole stream once
-p: output to stdout (for piping into another program)
-P: output to stdout even if stdout is a terminal
-c: loop forever (continuously)
-m: print metadata only, don't decode
-x: decode and print adxencd command line to encode as ADX
-g: decode and print oggenc command line to encode as OGG
-e: force end-to-end looping
-E: force end-to-end looping even if file has real loop points
-r outfile2.wav: output a second time after resetting

Typical usage would be:
test -o happy.wav happy.adx
to decode happy.adx to happy.wav."

I have no idea what any of that means.

At any rate, I'm trying to play Screamtracker 2 Module (.stm) files on Winamp from a GameCube game ROM (Paper Mario: TTYD, to be exact). It says that file type is supported, so it must be something I'm doing wrong. Every attempt to play a track meets with this error message: "Corrupt file or unsupported module type." Any help would be appreciated!

Interestingly enough, I got BRSTM files to play (from Super Paper Mario for Wii), so yay! However, the tracks seem to play at double their normal speed. Is there a way to slow down the speed so the tunes play at the same speed they do in-game?

Thanks, and sorry for all the annoying questions!
by dissident93 at 12:55 AM EDT on April 18, 2014
if you just want to use vgmstream in winamp, you don't need test.exe at all. just place vgmstream.dll in the plugins folder and you're done.

both Paper Mario and Super Paper Mario should play normally once vgmstream is installed correctly.
by Mouser X at 1:52 PM EDT on April 18, 2014
Actually, the "speed" (I think it's either samples or bitrate) in the Paper Mario files (the files themselves follow the "standard" format) is incorrect. To get around this slight fault with the files, rename the extension to something else.... Unfortunately, I don't have a way to verify what you need to change it to, because it's been to many years since I've had to do that, and I don't have access to my streamed rips right now. But it should be noted that the files in question (*.stm) are NOT screamtracker modules (they're not modules at all. They're more like MP3s or WAVs, which of course screamtracker can't play either), which is why the screamtracker plugin says they're corrupt. Once you figure out the right extension, it should work fine. Mouser X over and out.
by Rew at 6:03 PM EDT on April 18, 2014
@dissident: I tried removing test.exe, and I still have the same problems. SPM plays too fast, and TTYD gives me error messages and doesn't play at all. =(

@Mouser: I just went by the naming conventions in the folder itself (which said Screamtracker 2 Module, or something like that). I really have no idea.

So does anyone know how to rename the extension to adjust the speed on these BRSTM files like Mouser X said?
by hcs at 8:31 PM EDT on April 18, 2014
Rename .brstm to .brstmspm to play at the right speed.
by Rew at 9:59 PM EDT on April 18, 2014
That worked perfectly--thanks hcs!

(Also, I just want to take a moment and thank you for this site, for all the tools, and all you've done for the community of VG music aficionados. Kudos to you!)

Anyway, any suggestions for getting GameCube music (or TTYD at least) working on Winamp too?

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