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by Anterag at 3:37 PM EDT on August 28, 2018
@bnnm - Thank you for your answer. Now that I found the WAVE Scanner script (Alpha23) worked on PS3, Xbox 360 & PC, and that I had to rename the output WAVs into LWAVs to play them correctly on vgmstream, I also think it's not urgent to add this format.
by AnonRunzes at 6:52 PM EDT on August 29, 2018

i'm just posting some new samples right here


these files came from a game called Enthusia Professional Racing on the PS2
i organized a bunch of files into a few folders that represent the actual file extension of these files as sourced from the executable of said game
in one of these folders, you might see some files with the .ap/.lep/.lp/.sdat extension - i had to assign the file extension of these files into their respective header IDs

look, i already know there *is* some semblance of support in the form of ps2_enth.c - but from the looks of it, that code needs to be redone to support at least two uncovered formats that came from said game

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by Ultrafighter at 5:10 PM EDT on August 30, 2018
Hi Bnnm! Thanks for redoing that EA-XMA with custom IO for fixes, now those 6ch segments from Skate sound just fine!

I'm also wondering if there's some progress with MUS audio banks (?) from SSX (2012), was someone able to figure them out or supposedly some smaller related files are needed to understand their (MUS files) structure or probably learn something about their layout? I think I included both MPFs found in the same folder along with sound samples but there might be more to them than that; I can try searching for additional info/table files if it's called for.


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by Knurek at 2:55 AM EDT on September 1, 2018
@bnnm: I've managed to find another weird Koei Tecmo meta.
Vita games, KTAC header, doesn't compress at all, so I'm guessing it's ATRAC9 with some wonky header.
Might be SFX/Voices, can't tell without decoding - but they were mixed with standard AT9 filesa md looking at corresponding PSP versions of the game, the VITA one misses a lot of music if you only count the AT9 files.
Samples: KTAC
by punk7890-2 at 12:30 AM EDT on September 2, 2018
Found a game that has encrypted ADXs. I am pretty sure the decryption key is GBRAVO but I do not know how to test that. Would someone mind testing this and adding to VGMstream if that key is correct? Game title is Girls Bravo: Romance 15's

Encrypted ADXs.
by bnnm at 6:45 PM EDT on September 2, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add some metas
- DSP: itl, vag (PPP), vai, sdf
- PS2: int (A2M), ahv, msv, sdf, svg, vis
- PC: .aif (Asobo), ao, apc, wv2
- Xbox: xau (Konami)
- Fix bcstm 3DS-IMA last interleave and cleanup [Mario Golf (3DS)]
- (dev) Clean HCA meta/decoder
- (dev) Clean clHCA lib (comments, renames, api, code)
- (dev) Improve HCA/clHCA key detection
- Fix all HCA num samples/looping [Binary Domain (PC), Octopath Traveller (Switch)]
- Fix clHCA lib v1.1 ATH scaling [El Shaddai (PS3)]
- Fix some Sony .bnk
- Divide into and add GENH/TXTH/ doc
- (dev) Rename test.vcxproj to vgmstream_cli.vcxproj (test.exe wasn't renamed)
- Add ADX key [Girls Bravo: Romance 15's (PS2)]


@Ultrafighter - MUS/MPF seemed very complex, don't think I can do anything.

@Knurek - It looks like an unknown VBR codec, probably mutant ATRAC9.
You didn't rip them correctly though, size is at KTAC + 0x08, after that is garbage like RIFFs.
by Nicknine at 8:28 PM EDT on September 2, 2018
@bnnm - vgmstream currently supports a ton of different codecs and container formats and a lot of them are not fully documented anywhere outside of vgmstream code. Maybe it's worth starting up a wiki on GitHub documenting all the formats supported by vgmstream? That would be very handy.

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by Anterag at 7:32 AM EDT on September 3, 2018
@bnnm - Thank you for this update.

However, ITL files from Cars Race-O-Rama Wii don't play properly. They are L/R DSPs at 44100Hz Stereo. Maybe it's necessary to split them before playing but since you said we were able to play correctly ITLs, that wouldn't be logical.

Sample: Cars Race-O-Rama Wii ITL

by Ultrafighter at 7:45 AM EDT on September 3, 2018
@Bnnm - Alright then, I can always mark them as unplayables and still include them in my rip... I guess? It's supposedly exactly the same thing that author of SSX 3 GameCube rip did: keep both playable EAMs & unplayable DSPs in his set, possibly hoping that the latter is going to become playable one day.

Anyway it doesn't look like Alpha's BMS malfunctioned or we're trying to rip audio off the files that aren't sound banks to begin with so probably we can't anything else with those MUS/MPF files.


PS. Any luck with Chronicles of Riddick PC archives? I was hoping it's not going to be very hard to edit your script, the one that worked on The darkness banks but doesn't quite work on XWCs from later Windows games, was I wrong?

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by bnnm at 11:59 AM EDT on September 3, 2018
@Nicknine - all(?) codecs and some formats are described in the readme.
Documenting is something even non-coders can do, and if in the 10 years of vgmstream nobody has bothered to make a format list I don't think there is much demand.

@Anterag - There are many things called ".itl", and that one can't be added ATM due to things.
Meanwhile you can make it playable-ish by unzipping this file in the sound dir

@Ultrafighter - I don't have the bms at hand, upload it somewhere.
by AnonRunzes at 12:36 PM EDT on September 3, 2018
i think i'll just go ahead with the wiki docs if nobody's really willing to do it anyway

i wish there was a good starting point i could pick upon when it comes to these docs though
by Nisto at 1:20 PM EDT on September 3, 2018
@AnonRunzes: It's probably not common (if at all present) in vgmstream's source code, but if you find structs somewhere, then 010 Editor might help a lot in getting a visual ("human readable") overview of a format.
by Anterag at 1:21 PM EDT on September 3, 2018
@bnnm - Thank you for the TXTH file.
by punk7890-2 at 12:05 AM EDT on September 4, 2018
@bnnm Thanks for the update. I got another ADX key to add:

Game: Kashimashi! Girl Meets Girl - Hajimete no Natsu Monogatari (PS2)
Key: "KASHIM" (without quotes)

Test ADXs.

Also, I found this unplayable RWS file that doesn't seem to play when all others from this game do.

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by marcusss at 12:09 AM EDT on September 4, 2018
Hi bnnm. There is a game I ripped from PS4 called The Last Guardian. The BGM is files with header cdat. It The fies are sound buffers

In each of the files it mentions TONE, WAVEH, REQDx, and a whole bunch of BAR files.

e.g. M_bar01�M_bar02�M_bar03�M_bar04�M_bar05�M_bar06�M_bar07�M_bar08�M_bar09�M_bar10�M_bar11�M_bar12�M_bar13�M_bar14�M_bar15�M_bar16�M_bar17�M_bar18�M_bar19�M_bar20�M_bar21�M_bar22�M_bar23�M_bar24�M_bar25�M_bar26�

I wanted to know if you can take a look at a couple samples. I thought sequenced or something but each main file is like 30 MB each.

The Last Guardian [PS4]


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by Ultrafighter at 9:44 AM EDT on September 4, 2018
@Bnnm - In regards to Chronicles of Riddick: BMS is here while page with details is there (1st post). I also upped the samples here so that you won't have to re-download entire original pack.
All the best!

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by bnnm at 5:22 PM EDT on September 4, 2018
@punk7890-2 - That's a sfx bank-RWS, that is unsupported ATM and different from music-RWS.

@marcusss - Its a wrapper for sxd1 (_sbuf, must remove first 0x10) + sxd2 (_stream, plain).
Final filenames are (ex.) bgm_st02_tc.sxd1/2 without _sbuf and _stream. For files without companion _stream, name .sxd instead.
.bod only contain the base name (wihout _sbuf/_stream).

@Ultrafighter - Ok, I'll check later.
by punk7890-2 at 9:17 PM EDT on September 5, 2018
Ah, alright. If it's not music, not much bother then.

I have some not exactly playable songs that end in .MSA from Konohana Pack - 3tsu no Jikenbo MSAs. Not sure what offsets 0xC and 0x4 are. 0x10 is sample rate, and the interleave for the songs seem to be somewhere around 0x6000 but always have some pops in them. Any chance at support for these?

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by punk7890-2 at 2:43 AM EDT on September 8, 2018
Found theses AD files in Negima! Dream Tactic - Yume Miru Otome wa Princess. The problem I'm having is looping these properly. Here's some info I got on them:

0x0 # of channels (01, 02)
0x4 loop end?
0x9 Interleave (1 byte?)
0xC Header skip (1 byte?)
0x10 loop start?

Frequency 48Khz

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by Nicknine at 10:10 AM EDT on September 10, 2018
@bnnm - regarding documentation, I was talking about documenting the actual headers and structures that vgmstream parsers for other coders to use, not the format list. For example, EA audio formats have not been explored anywhere as well as in vgmstream yet the only documentation there is for that research is vgmstream source code.
Such documenation would certainly prove useful for video game modders and such.

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by bnnm at 10:44 AM EDT on September 10, 2018
@punk7890-2 - for Negima try this TXTH.

@Ultrafighter - for Riddick use Aluigi's bms, then this bms on the WAVEDATA. Pay attention that it doesn't exit with an "incorrect size" error.

@Nicknine - You may have noticed I tend to overcomment (even fields I don't use, and edge cases) and use a plain code style. That's b/c I hope that code + comments provide a decent understanding of a format, rather than me having to reference external docs when fixing things.
I've even been tempted to make a generic struct header so that I can read fields in linear order for extra clarity (since vgmstream wants me to put channels+loop first).

So I think, rather than making docs (=having extra things to mantain) I'd improve code clarity. Formats and code are in flux anyway (see latest EA fixes) so source will have the latest info, and if you have the skills to do complex mods I'd think you can read vgmstream's source too.
by punk7890-2 at 11:19 PM EDT on September 10, 2018
Thank you. Much appreciated.
by Ultrafighter at 3:37 AM EDT on September 11, 2018
Hi Bnnm, I've just found 2 partially unplayable XMA rips @JoshW and I guess you'd like to look into them so that they become compatible with VGMstream at some point. The titles I'm talking about are Fable 3 (only 55/126 *.xma files are playable ATM) & Fable - Heroes (precisely 1/3 of a set isn't supported right now).
Some examples can be found here (original extension was XMA in both sets, I only changed them to see if they become playable in VGMstream).

Also there's a track from Resident evil - Revelations (3DS), I've got to idea if it's headerless or playable with another extension but I hope we can play it somehow (maybe a TXTH is due?).


PS. Thanks for this Riddick BMS man, I'll test it right away!

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by punk7890-2 at 1:41 AM EDT on September 12, 2018
Found another ADX key.

Game: Bakumatsu Renka - Karyuu Kenshiden (PS2)
Key: "RENRENKA22" (without quotes)

Test ADXs.
by MurraySkull at 7:35 AM EDT on September 13, 2018
@mariofan12ify - I believe that there is a fix for Mario Golf in the queue. Seems to be some other interesting stuff in there as well, such as a kiosk demo of Mario Kart 8 DX and the DLC for Mario x Rabbids.
by mariofan12ify at 9:36 AM EDT on September 13, 2018
Yeah I uploaded the Mario Rabbids DLC though it was bxaimc who gave it to me.
by marcusss at 3:06 AM EDT on September 14, 2018
Hi all. Trying to rip Knack 2 on PS4 and came across.apak files with CPAK headers.

The larger files have sxd or rather bsxd files as music but need help unpacking these files.

I can sde music in some apak files such as st23a_music.bsxd, data/st23a_music.bsxd etc.(2303.0.apak has these which i uploaded below)

Can someone lend a hand and write a script??

Knack 2 PS4 examples

1 of the larger files with possible music inside


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by bnnm at 4:46 AM EDT on September 15, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add ADX key [Kashimashi! Girl Meets Girl (PS2)]
- Fix some BNSF [Taiko No Tatsujin: Drum Session! (PS4)]
- Fix interleaved 2ch XBOX-IMA [Fairly OddParents: Breakin' da Rules (Xbox), ShellShock Nam '67 (Xbox)]
- Add interleaved 2ch XBOX-IMA to TXTH/GENH
- Derive ADX keys automatically if only keystring/keycode is provided
- Update libacm to 1.2 and add .WAVC sfx
- Add DERF DPCM decoder [Stupid Invaders (PC)]
- Add ALP IMA decoder [Lego Racers (PC)]
- Fix some .MSA [Konohana Pack: 3tsu no Jikenbo (PS2)]
- Add TXTP command #sN for subsong N (#N still works)
- Add TXTP commands for looping/time (#i #E #lN #fN #dN #F)
- #i (ignore loop)
- #E (force end-to-end loop)
- #lN (force N loops)
- #fN (fade time)
- #dN (fade delay)
- #F (don't fade after N loops and play song end)
- Apply TXTP looping/time config in foobar/winamp/test.exe
- Fix EA-MT looping [SSX3 (PS2)]
- Add .sod Ogg extension [Zone 4 (PC)]
- Fix some EA SCHl .bnk
- Add .utk [The Sims Online (PC), SimCity 4 (PC)]
- Fix bitrate for layered/segemented layouts
- (dev) Swap custom FFmpeg OPUS for custom streamfile IO
- (dev) Remove custom FFmpeg, as custom IO streamfile can be used instead
- Add ADX key [Bakumatsu Renka - Karyuu Kenshiden (PS2)]


TXTH NOTE: for interleaved XBOX-IMA in GENH/TXTH:
- for normal 1ch or 2ch, no need to set interleave
- for 2ch+2ch+2ch..., set interleave = N (where N*channels = full block size, _not_ N*(channels/2) = full block size)
- for 1ch+1ch+1ch..., set interleave = N and codec_mode = 1
- others like 1ch+2ch+1ch... won't work (shouldn't exist)

TXTP NOTE: new features (test/winamp/foobar only):
### Custom play settings
Those setting should override player's defaults (not "loop forever/ignore loop"). They are equivalent to some test.exe options.

- God Hand (PS2): boss2_3ningumi_ver6.txtp (each line is a separate TXTP)

# set number of loops

# set fade time (in seconds)

# set fade delay (in seconds)

# ignore and disable loops

# don't fade out and instead play the song ending after
boss2_3ningumi_ver6.adx#F # this song has a nice stop

# force full loops from end-to-end

# settings can be combined
boss2_3ningumi_ver6.adx#l2#F # 2 loops + ending

# settings can be combined

# boss2_3ningumi_ver6.adx#l1.0#F # this is equivalent to #i

btw, remember empty .txtp + filename w/ commands works too:


@Ultrafighter - those XMA look incorrectly ripped. RE I'll check later.
by punk7890-2 at 7:20 AM EDT on September 15, 2018
Thank you for the update!

Another ADX key:

Game: Tensei Hakkenshi - Fuumaroku (PS2)
Key: "HAKKEN" (without quotes)

Test ADXs.

@bnnm I tried the .adxkey method of playing these files but it mostly just plays static.

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by marcusss at 8:48 AM EDT on September 16, 2018
@bnnm : I have an issue with some FSBs (FSB5) that have weird or wrong info. The game Unravel 2 has 2gb of FSB5 music and ost play fine as 16 bit PCM audio...but around 1/4 of them are silent or show weird stuff like 143534343 kbps for example...

Here are some examples


I got the game from 2 diferent sources with diferent installers so I am assuming the files are ok (....unless fsb5_split messed up which I doubt) They both have the exact FSB files inside the giant 2gb FSB single file.

Can you take a look. Hopefully just some wonky FSB type that can be supported.


by bnnm at 8:28 PM EDT on September 16, 2018
@marcusss - fsb5_split is bugged and can't split files bigger than ~1.5GB.

vgmstream may work directly with +1.5GB FSB5s but depending on the plugin and how it was compiled it may not, I never tested.

@punk7890-2 - I'll add the key but .adxkey works for me, here.

Btw if you have ADX keystrings for games that already play you could post them too to fill the blanks in collection.
(VGAudioTools may be able to extract keystring from the PS2 exe)
by punk7890-2 at 8:42 PM EDT on September 16, 2018
Ah, I see. I was pasting the text string for the adxkey. I don't have a github, so if it's alright, I'll continue posting here if I find anymore.
by Ultrafighter at 4:23 AM EDT on September 17, 2018
@Bnnm - about Fable XMAs: may I know if you're going to look into both Fable Heroes & Fable 3 to find out if they need reripping? I think I can wait for a rerip if that's the case and both titles weren't ripped correctly.
Best regards!
by bnnm at 6:38 AM EDT on September 17, 2018
I don't have those games at hand so somebody with them would have to check if they were indeed ripped incorrectly first.
by marcusss at 11:43 AM EDT on September 17, 2018
@bnnm. Unfortunately that fsb file is the thpe that won't play on its own unless it is split up. I can link the file to support it if possible since it is all music. Is.there a way to fix that ~1.5 GB bug or it is core issue that probably cannot be fixed. I guess you have enough on your play as well. I remember a couple games I had the same issues due to being.2gb + in size

by marcusss at 9:16 AM EDT on September 26, 2018
Can someone take a look at tis?

Labyrinth of Refrain. Music appears to be encrypted or someting. I included what looks like the table.

LoR Examples


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by Knurek at 11:15 AM EDT on September 28, 2018
@bnnm: unplayable BNK files from Yakuza 6 PS4 rip (so that you don't have to download the whole 2 GB package).
by bnnm at 5:53 PM EDT on September 28, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add ADX key [Tensei Hakkenshi - Fuumaroku (PS2)]
- Improve BNSF looping
- Fix some FSB5 subsong offsets
- Fix CSMP [DKC Tropical Freeze (Switch)]
- Add fake RIFF IMA [MX vs. ATV Unleashed (PC)]
- (dev) Remove standard G.722.1 (Siren7), since no game uses it
- Add Capcom .adpcm [Resident Evil: Revelations (Switch)]
- Add UE4OPUS decoder [Fortnite (PC), ARK: Survival Evolved (PC)]
- RIFF: Looping info from CUE chunk (by Nicknine)
- Add .POS looping for .Ogg (by bxaimc)
- Add .lse Ogg [Labyrinth of Refrain (PC)]
- Add EAOpus [FIFA 17 (PC), FIFA 19 (Switch)]
- Fix .wem Opus encoder delay/gapless [Mario Rabbids (Switch)]
- (dev) Restore G719 max frame size as 2560 bits (0x140) is decoder max
- Add Sony .BNK v14 [Yakuza 6's Puyo Puyo (PS4)]


@marcusss - +2GB FSB are a bit hard to fix in foobar but will do it sooner or later I guess
by marcusss at 6:19 PM EDT on September 28, 2018
@ bnnm : No problems in regardd to supporting 2gb + single fsb files. It can wait.

Thanks for supporting LoR.
by AnonRunzes at 11:22 PM EDT on September 28, 2018
in case anyone ever considers contributing anything into vgmstream's code at all, here are the samples i'd like any of you to look at


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by punk7890-2 at 5:29 AM EDT on October 1, 2018
@bnnm I was wondering what tool you used to extract the music from Wild Arms 5. Names and the rest of the music structure appears to be in the executable. Is there any tool out there to get the music properly? I have a version of the game with slightly different music.

Also, would anyone know how to properly extract the streams from these video files?
by bnnm at 1:15 PM EDT on October 1, 2018
I just used a hex editor (ex.):
- rename audio bigfile (.dat IIRC) to .xwb
- open the PS2 exe and find "RXWS"
- cut file, size is (value at RXWS offset+4) + 0x10
- save as filename.xwh (this file has all subsong headers and names)
- put both files together and open the .xwb with vgmstream

You can probably do that with VGMToolbox's advanced cutter too.

When I ripped it vgmstream didn't support subsongs, so I used a BMS script to split it (see zenhax), but should be directly playable now.
by Knurek at 1:44 PM EDT on October 1, 2018
Operation Abyss
Operation Babel
Both use newly added .lse, both are unplayable with the 28.09.2018 build.
by MoldyPond at 2:51 PM EDT on October 1, 2018
Apparently the Switch version of Tropical Freeze's music had support added with the latest version of vgmstream but I can't seem to get them working. Dunno if anyone else is having this issue.
by punk7890-2 at 7:53 PM EDT on October 1, 2018
@bnnm Thanks. That script worked.
by marcusss at 8:01 PM EDT on October 1, 2018
Is the music from dk tropical freeze on switch uploaded yet as I can't seem to find it. Thx
by ChillyBilly at 8:14 PM EDT on October 1, 2018
@marcusss: Check the Switch thread. I posted a Tropical Freeze rip there. ;)
by marcusss at 10:08 PM EDT on October 1, 2018
Ok thanks ChillyBilly

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btw the 256 aes pw for absolver Downfall uengine4 pak chunks is c7B2DvPsRgH9Ve0BjGJKzBIeCIeoSTtX

Took a bit to find it

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by Ultrafighter at 8:57 AM EDT on October 3, 2018
Hi Bnnm, can you please tell me if there's anything wrong with audio from these BIKs? Neither original videos nor demuxed audio plays right via VGMstream & binkconv.exe from RAD Game Tools or sound demuxer of VirtualDub couldn't provide good results too.
BTW I'd release my set now if it wasn't for this pair of movies. Both *.bik files might have audio tracks with only silence in them but still I'd like to check them out to be sure they're not needed for my rip.

PS2 Taiko's VAG audio files by Mekadon76 at 11:39 AM EDT on October 3, 2018
PS2 version of Taiko no Tatsujin uses VAG audio files. but they are not playable on vgmstream

Here's a sample files

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by Ultrafighter at 12:36 PM EDT on October 3, 2018
And 1 more question Bnnm, do you think I can set up this Alpha's BMS to rip XWBs & XSBs off uncompressed datafiles? I requested help with unpacking bigfiles from a VG but haven't gotten a decent reply yet, that's why I'm thinking about some alternate method of bank extraction.
Best wishes!
by marcusss at 10:48 AM EDT on October 5, 2018
Hey bnnm About Labyrinth of Refrain I got to sit down and give it a further listen and there are indeed some songs that don't play at all.

by Ultrafighter at 7:57 AM EDT on October 6, 2018
Hello Bnnm, I've got a bunch of interesting samples with *.exa.snu extension and coming from The Simpsons game for X360. Would you like to look into some supposedly 4ch XMA2-encoded files which are currently unplayable (or should extension be changed to something else to force them to play?)?

I'm sure it'll make the next update of VGMstream pretty awesome if such EA streams are added and we can play them. Also I presume that my rerip is going to be 100% 1:1 and won't ever require reripping if those pesky quad tracks are implemented and no one has to transform them to be able to listen to 'em (not that I'm planning to use xma_parse.exe or ea_multi_xma.exe on them, just saying).

And while I'm at it I'd really appreciate some assistance with Far cry 4 (PS3): there's a BMS for initial DAT+FAT archives used in most recent FC installments but all extracted files are nameless & have some random extension (DAT to be precise). There're thousands of them but even that's not the primary issue:

a) some *.dat chunks seem to be individual tracks (those have (playable) prefix in my sample pack);
b) others are seemingly identified as something of MPEG nature but are played back with clicks and/or static in FB2K (maybe they're multi-layered / interleaved streams? anyway they have (unplayable) tag in filenames);
c) and finally the last group consists of rather big files with lots of "LAME3.98.4" or "LAME3.98" strings within (I assigned them (bank) prefix). Those pieces of plain text I mentioned are found in small groups throughout such files, maybe they're headers for MP3s that are stored separately from actual (headerless?) streams? I can't help but wonder about it.

All in all ripping FC4 proved to be an ugly mess, I was expecting something much easier & tidier (like a single PCK or BNK that's not even packed / compressed) but I'm still willing to invest quite some time into making a decent streamed set for this VG. We just have to figure out all those types of audio (?) files I was talking about, right? I hope it's possible and the game's rippable after all.

BTW most (all?) localized sounds from another bigfile look like plain MP3 fodder, maybe they're all embedded into some kind of custom container with fixed offset for contained stream but simply changing extension to *.mp3 seems to get the job done. If only it'd work on all DATs from main sound archive...

Best wishes!
by marcusss at 10:50 AM EDT on October 6, 2018
@bnnm. I just ripped the PS4 version of LoR and is simple at9 8-).

Why I wait for the PC version to be supported the PS4 is a good listen.. Different music I give them that . he he

spent days ripping Helldivers also since it uses that dreaded bitsquid engine. Can finally release that also. I wish those damn hashes can translate into names or something since 6F7A5B6D95D1B1D9.ogg doesn't sound interesting o.o

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by Sir-Sabin at 7:14 PM EDT on October 6, 2018

you seem to broke to broke some ,xwb flies (Mega Man 9 for Xbox 360) it crashes foobar

Mega Man 9 Xbox 360
by plpl3000 at 11:00 PM EDT on October 6, 2018
Disgaea Refine and Labyrinth of Refrain- Coven of Dusk

vgmstream Unsupported
by AceK at 2:40 AM EDT on October 7, 2018

Is there a header skip command for .txtp/.txth?
by bnnm at 6:58 PM EDT on October 7, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix Final Fantasy Tactics A2 IMA decoding
- Fix some PDT [Mario Party 4 (GC)]
- Fix some .lse [Operation Abyss (PC), Operation Babel (PC)]
- Fix rare FFmpeg codecs decoding more samples after data EOF, cleanup
- Fix missing 1 sample in RIFF loops
- Fix some XWB + FFmpeg subsongs
- Fix EA XMA with actual looping [The Simpsons Game (X360)]
- Fix XWMA with buggy bit rates [Saints Row 2 (PC)]
- Add/fix XWMA start and num samples
- Clean Nippon Ichi SPS/NLSD/PPP/DSP
- Update G.722.1C (Siren14) decoder DLL to fix volume and others

NOTE: copy libg7221_decode.dll for winamp/test/etc again


@Ultrafighter - BIK look silent (audio repeats the same empty-ish byte pattern), not sure why binkconv/FFmpeg can't decode.
Raw XWB/XSB are hard to rip with bms like that.
Far Cry uses Ubi BAO. It needs a custom BMS that writes proper names (some files are headers and others data and need a certain naming convention). "Playable" files are MP3 that ignore BAO headers, other codecs won't work.

@Mekadon76 - unzip this file in the VAG dir: TXTH

@AceK - there isn't, how would you use it? TXTP can point to files that use TXTH, and TXTH can point to absolute header offsets, so I'm not sure about the meaning.
by Nisto at 8:52 PM EDT on October 7, 2018
@bnnm: On the topic of TXTH and header skip - is there any way to skip interleaved headers with TXTH? There are some streams like that in FFX which are not directly supported in vgmstream it seems (I've tried renaming to .vs, .svs). Magic is 'VS', but I'm not sure if there is a formal extension for this format.

Channel count is 1, sample rate is 44100 Hz. Header size is 0x20. The value at 0x0C specifies the remaining amount of sectors in the file (inclusive). A sector is 2048 bytes.
by AceK at 11:24 PM EDT on October 7, 2018

Actually I had a little misunderstand from my previous situation. The issue I have does not pertain much about the beginning of file, but the end of file instead. It is related to the old .MIB discussion a long while ago.

I haven't at the time got around to finding other .MIB based games that run based on patterns like Tekken 4 to verify skips, but there was one example I wanted to point out with Street Fighter EX3, which also uses .MIB PS2 ADPCM.

SFEX3 is a very interesting case. Not only are certain bgm sets matched onto layers to the point that data size must always be equal (leaving same filesize for each audio file of a certain songbank)... there is unnecessary "0C0200-" strings that, in-game, gets ignored and plays back right at the beginning of file. It kinda brings back the topic with "0C0200-" strings having the option somehow for being omitted. For playback purposes, these files have to be de_interleaved... maybe perhaps this can one day be an option too so that this game can be archived without undergoing unnecessary modifications.

The message probably may not be clear... but ideally a few things:

1. 0x0C020000... strings at EOF (except one line) may potentially fix the transitioning for interleaved .MIB format. I'm not entirely sure if this is universal and that it may need more information to be looked into.
2. SFEX3 music requires the use of de_interleave which would then have to be recompiled into separate tracks. Perhaps it is possible to set it so that the big .MIB file can be present in the directory (or Sound folder) and have .txtp assign a de_interleave function while also assigning which stream # to use for playback.

EDIT: Even weird when doing ADPCM dumps via emulator, it dumps 800 bytes of information before going into a series of 000600-, 000200-, 000000-(this repeats for another 400 bytes from 000200- and onwards). When it comes to the EOF of each pattern, the audio content's EOF 400 bytes are omitted and filled in with the 000600-, 000200-, and 000000- as described above in parenthesis, and then proceeds onto the next audio pattern (ie: goes from track 1 to track 2).

EDIT2: After testing, this assumption is not true for all games. SFEX3 if hacked to prevent fade out will end up playing the whole duration of the song which includes 0C0200-... so ignore the thought of it being universal for PS2 games (as a note for SFEX3, there is a universal pointer where it fades a song, and it is the same pointer for every character theme [probably due time constraints in development?])

edited 6:07 AM EDT October 8, 2018
by plpl3000 at 3:30 AM EDT on October 8, 2018
vgmstream play dqm super light,hca files

by marcusss at 4:34 AM EDT on October 8, 2018
@bnnm : I figured the vorbis from Labyrinth of Refrain were encrypted. Was the table used to decrypt it or you worked it out yourself? Curious. The only downer with the PC version is there is no looping like the PS4 version I also ripped which is in ATRAC9. I thought they would be identical in song length but doesn't seem the case and PC version fades out.

edited 4:37 AM EDT October 8, 2018
by Ultrafighter at 5:39 AM EDT on October 8, 2018
@Bnnm - about Rogue warrior: thnx for the heads-up, I'll zip the set up and release the it right now!

In regard to Saints Row 1 *.XWB/XSB: damn, I was expecting something like that, it means that filesize isn't specified somewhere in XWB header and we can't set that BMS correctly, am I right?
It seems I'll have to think about different ways - I can only hope that some person helps us out & provides a script for VPPs originated from SR1, it should be way easier from there...

And about FC4: so it means that another script (BMS?) is required to unpack SOUND.DAT + SOUND.FAT (and similar pairs of archives) then separate streams / sound banks (with Ubi BAO headers I guess) should be implemented in plugin (and those streams / banks are probably not 100% MPEG, right?), is it the best way to rip such VG titles (especially if I'm planning to contribute them to HCS64 collection)?

Well I'd really like to get my hands on such a piece of code for QuickBMS so that I can finally rip FC2, FC3 + FC3:BD & of course FC4 and add proper sets or long-pending rerips to VGM Archives but (and that's quite a big BUT unfortunately) I can't insist on making it: I understand that it's probably a huge task (and very time-consuming too).

Anyway I'll be truly grateful if you help me at some point with ripping at least some FC installments, just tell me if you need samples of initial bigfiles or have an idea about what platform / codec might be the easiest to rip / add to VGMstream. For example it's not like I absolutely have to rip Far Cry 4 off PS3, it can be X360 ver. or even PC port; the same applies to all aforementioned installments.
All in all simply say if you're going to look into them or request example archives, there's no ETA as always but it'd be nice to know it beforehand.


PS. I'll check quad streams from Simpsons Game ASAP, thanks for this plugin update!
by bnnm at 1:41 PM EDT on October 8, 2018
@Nisto - it's one of those "blocked" formats, which are complex enough that it's better to add directly. Very similar to The Bouncer's .vs (actual ext), may add later.

@AceK - Skipping EOF data like that is done for some formats, but first some notes to clarify.

MIB is headerless PS-ADPCM created by a SCEE tool, which also makes a MIH header that includes size of EOF to skip, and data/loops in certain patterns.

Unless named MIB, any other headerless PS-ADPCM (big)files likely will be generated by other tools and contain different EOF and loop patterns than actual MIBs. Sometimes not-MIBs get renamed to MIB to force vgmstream into playing them. But folks doing new sets, please don't do that.

It's likely the actual header (be it MIH or a custom one) with EOF size will be in the PS2 exe or in files close by (see my prev response about RXWS), so first look for that. Then, I could add an option to TXTH to autodetect EOF in various patterns, but won't apply automatically.

@plpl3000- will fix

@marcuss - is was simple enough to figure out.

@Ultrafighter - xwb size is sum of a bunch of fields that vary between version, but xsb is more complex.

Far Cry are all like that. I tried to rip Blood Dragon before but the bms part was just too complex and time consuming. I suggest opening another topic, maybe @Nicknine can help?
by MoldyPond at 4:23 PM EDT on October 8, 2018
Ok so not only does the latest update actually work for Tropical Freeze now, but the Wii U files work now too :)
by bnnm at 7:16 PM EDT on October 13, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix ciph-1 HCA and add errors [DQ Monsters: Super Light (Mobile)]
- Add new HCA key derivation
- Add .xopus decoding [Angry Birds Transformers (Android)]
- Add RIFF .adpcm [Angry Birds Transformers (Android)]
- Add Konami / Sony ATRAC3 support for VA3 files (by chrispable)
by marcusss at 7:26 PM EDT on October 13, 2018
@bnnm: Thanks for the update.

I guess this is not a vgmstream issue but foobar doesn't play 32 bit wmapro files I ripped from the new released game, Evenicle. Can it be added to vgmstream otherwise will just use vlc or whatever

to play it. Everyone else will have to do the same?? I used ffmpeg to extract the streams. Cheers!

WMAPro 32bit song example

edited 7:28 PM EDT October 13, 2018
by Anterag at 6:54 AM EDT on October 14, 2018
@bnnm - Hi bnnm! Thank you for the new vgmstream update.

Is it possible to fix XMAs playing for The Simpsons Game Xbox 360? It seems there's a silence at the end of each XMA file.

Thank you in advance.
by Ultrafighter at 9:09 AM EDT on October 14, 2018
Maybe you should try converting a bunch of segments to a single output file and checking if there're still those small gaps within that longer track?
Apart from that I can't think of anything except tweaking the MUS splitter script a bit (if it's possible of course).
by kode54 at 11:04 PM EDT on October 14, 2018
@marcusss: It works just fine, if you don't use the .wma extension, which belongs to every player's built-in WMA decoder, which is unlikely to support this anyway. Rename to .wma.vgmstream, or just .vgmstream.
by marcusss at 8:54 PM EDT on October 15, 2018
Thanks kode54. I didn't expect that would work. Cheers!
by AceK at 8:29 PM EDT on October 18, 2018
The PS2 set (files containing SS2 header [ADS]) "Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex (2004-11-08)(cavia)(Bandai)" does not seem to loop correctly for some files (or all) when playing it through vgmstream. It seems that the typical loop start upon playback is 1792 samples, but most of these should be 0 (or near 0).

edited 11:03 PM EDT October 18, 2018
by kode54 at 6:54 PM EDT on October 19, 2018
Tracks from Super Lucky's Tale don't loop properly. They're all .WEM files, Custom Vorbis, and no loop points are detected for any of them. I'll upload one.

There also appear to be two sizable music related .BNK files, both with .TXT files describing project output that produced the .WEM files.

edited 6:59 PM EDT October 19, 2018
by ChillyBilly at 11:06 PM EDT on October 20, 2018
So, I looked into the game The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup... and while the data comes in a bunch of extensionless files, I discovered through hex that there were some files that contained RIFF headers, which I assume may be the tunes. However, I'm unable to get anything playable out of them, which makes me wonder if they're perhaps encrypted or something? Uploaded a few samples right here for perusal...
by bnnm at 5:15 PM EDT on October 22, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Adjust cavia ADS loops
- Adjust XOPUS encoder delay
- Add .lwma/lmpc/lmp3 as a way to force files into vgmstream
- Add RIFF .adw extension [Dead Rising 2 (PC)]
- Add blocked VS [Final Fantasy X (PS2)]

NOTE: only use .lwma if foobar/your player doesn't like some .wma, as FFmpeg's wma is worse and I don't know if they'll apply my fix.


@Anterag - they play ok for me? silence in what sense?

@kode54 - I don't see loop points so they are probably using some custom looping, like Platinum Games' .wem

@Nisto - .vs now work, note that files seem subdivided after N blocks (value at 0x0c)

@ChillyBilly - I don't recognize the codec. Post the exe, maybe it helps.

For anybody posting about sets not working ok, please post the name of files you tried (or even better, upload samples). Bonus points if you say which player you use.
It saves me more time than you might imagine.
by Nisto at 7:41 PM EDT on October 22, 2018
@bnnm: Thanks! Just one small thing: I found a VS file that has a different sample rate than normal. I think the value at 0x10 specifies the pitch (pt). For most files, it's 0x1000 (4096), which represents 44100 Hz at least on PS1. But maybe the formula is slightly different for PS2? I haven't been able to find anything on pitch -> frequency calculation in the PS2 docs, but I'm pretty sure this should do it:

frequency = (pitch * 48000) / 4096

EDIT: Forgot to upload a demo file.

edited 7:46 PM EDT October 22, 2018
by Anterag at 5:15 AM EDT on October 23, 2018
@bnnm - Hi! I tried to play the segments continously and I hear silences between them. Normally, I can't notice them (I did it with towav before).
by Ultrafighter at 4:00 AM EDT on October 24, 2018
Well Anterag, I'm not so sure now if you're talking about a rerip of The Simpsons Game for Xbox 360 or Alpha's variant with mostly *.xma tracks. Can you really convert files from a redone ver. with towav.exe?
Also do you hear silences between segments when you play them in FB2K or Winamp (or maybe XMPlay)?

by Anterag at 5:08 AM EDT on October 24, 2018
@Ultrafighter - Sorry I wasn't clear. When I convert the XMAs from Alpha's rip, there are no silences between the files. If I use your re-rip, and that I drag and drop the playlist.m3u, there are silences between the files. Is that normal? Maybe Alpha23 did something to remove them.
Thank you.
by Ultrafighter at 6:46 AM EDT on October 25, 2018
"Maybe Alpha23 did something to remove them"
There's actually such a possibility but I'm not too sure he did that. It (absence or presence of those silences) probably has something to do with tools / scripts we used: I'm almost sure he divided given MUS banks into hundreds of segments with ea_multi_xma.exe by HCS (founder of this forum) while I used by Bnnm.
Or it's somehow related to usage of xma_parse.exe by HCS - XMA2-encoded streams usually become significantly smaller after transformation to XMA1 (only stereo/mono XMA v.1 can be converted to PCM by ToWAV.exe and it was the only way many years ago). It's possible that XMA Parse deleted those silences (or better say sequences of zero bytes) in the process of rebuilding XMA2 to XMA1.

Anyway I don't think I can help you get rid of those bugs in segments or invent some alternative method of dealing with either initial *.mus files or resulting *.sns/*.snr tracks. All I can say is this: you can experiment with different players and try converting sequences of segments to single WAV files.

BTW M3Us are entirely optional, I only made them because I thought it wasn't clear for a listener whether he should add SNS or SNR files to playlist: while the former are bigger and represent actual streamed audio the latter must be used to actually play SNS streams.

by Ultrafighter at 6:27 AM EDT on October 26, 2018
Hi Bnnm, may I ask you to look into this bunch of example files? Some come from a few FC VGs but other samples originate from completely different titles.
Here's a list of contents:

1) WWE 2K17 (X360) - it's the least important thing actually, there're thousands of WEMs but just this file doesn't play no matter the extension (I tried WAV, vgmstream, even XMA but no dice);

2) Project Cars 2 (PS4) - first and foremost it's not my rip, I got if off JoshW and found an unplayable *.bik there (all remaining BIKs & 100% FSBs play fine). I'm wondering what's wrong with it...

3) Monster 4x4 - Masters of metal (GC) - this isn't overly important too but it'd be nice if I was able to rip this platform as well. You see there're mostly BGRs without accompanying files but sometimes there're BGH\BGR pairs (the latter look like sound archives though) and it's gotta be headerless DSP (or some Nintendo ADPCM variant), my main concern is whether we can make GENHs or TXTHs for them or not (figuring out interleave should be the most tricky part I guess). Also there might be those dreaded COEFFs which are needed for playback too...
So is it absolutely needed to delve in the game EXE to find those COEFFs or we can play the streams just setting TXTH right (a value for interleave is still going to be required I suppose but tracks will play alright without COEFFs)?
BTW I included *.txth docs from my PS2 rip of the same title, they might be helpful I presume;

4) Far cry 3 & Blood dragon (PC) - both were unpacked using Gibbed.Dunia2.Unpack.exe & names of extensionless files appear correct so I can't wait to hear if they seem usable by VGMstream.
FC2 - surprisingly both X360 & Windows ports - simply crashes the program and doesn't work too (even that fix of the script for Far Cry Instincts Predator by AnonBaiter stops with exactly the same error). Well I still have PlayStation 3 version left, it looks like this was ripped with help of Gibbed.Dunia2...

All the best!
by ChillyBilly at 12:07 AM EDT on October 27, 2018
@bnnm: Sorry it took a while, but hopefully these will help for the Rusty Pup files.

That being said, I have a new issue to bring up: I recently ripped the PS4 version of SRW Moon Dwellers, and though I got AT9 files from the sound archives, they have an "MSF2" header, and don't play for me (at least, not in foobar, anyway). Maybe you could check this out, as well?

Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers
by punk7890-2 at 7:39 AM EDT on October 30, 2018
Would it be possible to support these .PCM files? I can't seem to figure out the loop points used in these files. These come from a PS2 game called "Duel Masters: Birth of Super Dragon"
by bnnm at 4:13 PM EDT on October 30, 2018
@Anterag - may be fixed next week/year/never, FFmpeg devs aren't accepting my fixes ATM

@Nisto - which other (PS1?) games use .vs, samples? FFX voices you posted before do need 48000 (I checked vids).
Maybe "pitch" depends on console's default sample rate (PS2=48000, PS1=44100, IIRC), there is also value at 0x14.
(probably fastest would be hex edit those values in ISO + emu test changes)

@Ultrafighter - WWE is a "truncated / pre-loading" wem (useless) or bad rip.
Project Cars 2 bik looks a bit strange, maybe bad rip?
Monster 4x4 subsong headers/coefs are in the .bgh, could be added later.
Far Cry all those are data (".sbao"), you need to find headers (".bao") that are usually smaller files, perhaps not correctly extracted or in another bigfile.

@punk7890-2 - try TXTH. Some loops may be slightly off but I'd need to check the full set to figure out.
by Anterag at 4:31 PM EDT on October 30, 2018
@Ultrafighter/bnnm - Thanks for responding. I'll wait :D
by Nisto at 6:13 PM EDT on October 30, 2018
@bnnm: I don't know if there are any PS1 games which use VS files. However, I didn't mean to imply that pitch values are specific to the VS format. Pitch values are commonly passed around in all kinds of PS1 games, to play sound effects for example. Typically, the function SpuSetVoiceAttr is used, which takes a pitch value as an argument, rather than a frequency/sample rate. I haven't read up as much about the PS2 yet, but this is what I know for PS1. Information on this stuff is kind of scattered, but if you are interested, you can find some information on page 1092 in the Library Reference PDF, and page 271 in the Library Overview PDF in PsyQ SDK v4.7.

With that said, I'm fairly confident the formula I posted is correct. And you are most definitely right about PS2 using a default rate of 48000 Hz rather than 44100 Hz (PS1), which is also why I multiply by 48000 in the formula. Nevertheless, I did as you suggested - I changed the value of one of the dialogue files and loaded up the game in PCSX2. Sure enough, changing the value from 4096 to 2048 halves the sample rate, as I expected.

The value at 0x14 is the volume (also confirmed).

edited 7:54 PM EDT October 30, 2018
by AnonRunzes at 7:19 PM EDT on October 30, 2018
SquareSoft didnt use the VS format on one of their PS1 games at all
instead they used the AKAO format, which was basically three things - it could be either some sort of "sound bank"-ish file, streamed file(although governed by a movie file as evidenced by Final Fantasy VIII, Seiken Densetsu, Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy IX), or a simple sequenced file(music or sound effects alike)

edited 7:26 PM EDT October 30, 2018
by punk7890-2 at 8:00 PM EDT on October 30, 2018
@bnnm Thanks for the TXTH. It appears to work on most, but some don't play. Here is the full set.
by Ultrafighter at 6:10 AM EDT on October 31, 2018
@Bnnm - "WWE is a "truncated / pre-loading" wem (useless) or bad rip"
Of course I'd like to think that it's the latter option and not the former, I usually use either this or that BMS from a trusted source (I believe). In this particular case (as I said before) all extracted WAVs (which I renamed to WEMs) worked fine.

However I'm in the middle of reripping The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and there're much more unplayables, 417 out of 23,000 (or even 24,000 - and that's counting unique streams only, with dupes excluded already). The biggest one is 16 KB while the smallest is 4 KBs. Would you like to take a look at them too? I wanted to include them in my rip but maybe they're totally unneeded?

"Project Cars 2 bik looks a bit strange, maybe bad rip?"
It seems to be Marcusss's set, maybe he can tell us if anything unusual happened in the process (like VGMT's demuxer reporting an error)?

"Monster 4x4 subsong headers/coefs are in the .bgh, could be added later"
It's really cool, I'll be waiting for this update! Or wait - can info about TRACK#.BGR or SAMPLES.BGR be found in 2 BGH files I provided?

"Far Cry all those are data (".sbao"), you need to find headers (".bao") that are usually smaller files, perhaps not correctly extracted or in another bigfile"
It's going to be quite a task, did I get it right that headers might have or don't have extension? For example were extensionless samples I included in my pack *.sbao files too?


edited 6:15 AM EDT October 31, 2018
by marcusss at 8:19 AM EDT on October 31, 2018
Hi bnnm, can you add this .seg format to vgmstream if possible.

seg.xbx header 44AC 44100 Hz audio

The game Demon Stone from Forgotten Realms AD&D is full of them.

SEG examples
.seg examples 2


edited 8:32 AM EDT October 31, 2018
by marcusss at 9:06 AM EDT on November 1, 2018
Also 1 game I ripped has xpcm in the header and I couldn't get it working in vgmstream no matter what so maybe needs some txth loving or something..

Some samples XPCM samples

Thanks bnnm
by bnnm at 12:17 PM EDT on November 1, 2018
@Nisto - Thanks, I misunderstood when you mentioned PS1. Looks like Unlimited SaGa uses VS too, it's "VagStream" from debug strings.
Good to know about pitch, that would explain other games. Worth noting that you can't get 44100 with PS2 pitch values (0xEb2 > 44085, 0xEB3 > 44097, 0xEB4 > 44109). I compared various .svs from Unlimited SaGa (that also uses pitch, 0xEB3 and 0x1000) with the OST but seems ~44103 would be better? Perhaps 0xEB3 is rounded or there are extra adjustments?

@Ultrafighter - there is no way to tell "truncated" wems apart (they are clones of existing files but truncated, for pre-loading purposes).
Sum extracted wem sizes and compare to .bnk, if it's close enough it probably extracted ok, I'll tweak so they play.
Monster 4x4 not sure, I'd need to test, perhaps it's more complex that I thought.
Far Cry extensionless files were .sbao, not sure were you'd find .bao (that may not even have that extension), maybe post all files.

@punk7890-2 - try TXTH 2

@marcusss - SEG play ok for me. What game uses XPCM?
by Nisto at 3:11 PM EDT on November 1, 2018
@bnnm: Glad the information is useful. And yeah, I noticed that too about PS2 sample rates. Seems odd if they're really meant to be played at 44103 or 44097 Hz. Maybe rounding to nearest 10 would suffice? The latest sample I uploaded from FFX has a sample rate of 34992 which is also a bit strange. 35000 seems more likely (but also uncommon..)
by LTR at 7:04 PM EDT on November 1, 2018

hi could you please take a look at this audio file, its from Last Rites (1997 game).


thanks ))
by punk7890-2 at 7:52 PM EDT on November 1, 2018
@bnnm Thank you. Everything seems to work now.

Got another ADX key:

Game: Lucky Star - Ryouou Gakuen Outousai (PS2)
Key: "48 1D 44 F9 4E 35" / "LSTARPS2" (without quotes)

Here's a couple to test.

edited 9:26 PM EDT November 1, 2018
by marcusss at 9:49 PM EDT on November 1, 2018
@ bnnm

Ah sorry I think my foobar was acting strange as seg do play now.. Thxx

the XPCM come from Eternal Fantasy from Developer
Circus. released 19th October.


edited 4:34 AM EDT November 2, 2018
by Ultrafighter at 4:12 AM EDT on November 2, 2018
"Sum extracted wem sizes and compare to .bnk, if it's close enough it probably extracted ok"
Yep I normally do that, not only when dealing with PCKs or BNKs but whenever extracting something with known/common headers from any custom bigfiles.
"I'll tweak so they play"
I'm not so sure it's really needed, I encountered lots of such pre-loading/cache wems before (WWE 2K17, WWE 2K16 & Remember me had thousands of such files and they usually played - not that they're important anyway). Hundreds of unplayables from XCOM Declassified should be just like them - a split second of some audio or merely silence, no big deal after all.

About FC3 & FC3:BD - I unpacked all the archives except some localized ones (with additional languages) and there's a single BAO in main game & just 1 *.bao in addon.
"maybe post all files"
Do you mean all extensionless files? There're almost 800 MBs worth & more than 63,500 such files in FC3, a bit less in Dragon.
Not to mention there're also many SPKs (more than 990 MB & 32K+ files!) and I heard from Alpha23 they're something sound-specific too, if memory serves he even tried to make some BMS extractors for their contents...

by bnnm at 1:03 PM EDT on November 2, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix short .mds coefs [T3: The Redemption (GC), MI: Operation Surma (GC)]
- Fix some FFX .vs
- Fix some truncated .wem
- Add .str SPSD extension [Shenmue (DC)]
- Add 2MSF and clean WMSF [Super Robot Taisen OG: The Moon Dwellers (PS4)]
- (dev) Subfile streamfile cleanup
- Add PC/X360/Wii .seg and fixes [The Spiderwick Chronicles (multi)]
- Tweak .svs sample rate


@Nisto - rounding is probably safest, though it all feels a bit strange, real PS2 HW would handle pitch in a simpler way... I think? Oh well.

@Ultrafighter - .bao could be anywhere, like in other bigfile, or compressed, not correctly extracted, etcetera. That single .bao it's probably the "project" BAO and won't have headers.
I can only suggest to open all small-ish files with a hex editor and check that value at 0x00 is 0x01280305, and at 0x20 probably 0x00000020 or 30. Then you need to find its matching(s) .sbao which could be any of them, it's all very complex.

@LTR - see here

@marcusss - XPCM codec must be added later but meanwhile they may work with foo_adpcm installed
by LTR at 1:44 PM EDT on November 2, 2018

wow it seems to require a lot of work...

thank you anyway.
by Nisto at 3:52 PM EDT on November 2, 2018
@bnnm: I agree, probably not the proper solution to the problem. Also, I found official SPU2 docs on my hard drive, that I think might give you some more insight, if you are interested? (Can I contact you directly somewhere?)

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