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by MoldyPond at 11:56 AM EDT on August 3, 2021
@bnnm Sweet, thanks a bunch! :D
by hcs at 1:08 PM EDT on August 3, 2021

What are you trying to do? If you just want to listen to rips, I recommend foobar2000 (a music player) and the foobar2000 vgmstream component linked on the downloads page.

If you want to convert files (to .wav) on the Windows command line, refer to the test.exe section of the README. test.exe is included in the command-line tools etc. .zip.
problem fixed! by digital_noob at 3:32 AM EDT on August 4, 2021

the problem has been fixed now. i opened the files with a script made specifically for the audio files from that game engine. i reckon that the file type was simply so rare it's not in vgmstream, since i did manage to play a .wav file by running test.exe in cmd.
by bnnm at 4:28 PM EDT on September 3, 2021
latest vgmstream changes (releases / builds / alt (GCC) / bugs)
- Add HCA keys
- Cleanup
- Improved EA Harmony bank support (by Nicknine)
- Fix some Relic decoder issues
- Add Relic .wxd+wxh and .bnk [Homeworld (PC)]
- Fix some .sts issues [Shikigami no Shiro 3 (Wii)]
- Remove unused .vcproj (use CMake if needed)
- misc cleanup
- misc build fixes and tweaks
- builds: misc fixes
- Fix .sgt DMSG with streams
- Added .tgv extension (by Nicknine)
- CRI CPK: Added support for ADX sounds (by Nicknine)
- Fix Ubi Lyn .wav MPEG last interleave
- Fix EA .WVE with PCM8 [Madden NHL 97 (PC)]
- Add HCA key [m HOLD'EM (Android)]
- Add .xsh+xsd/xss [KS's Pro Surfer (Xbox)]
- Fix CLI smpl chunk with subsongs
- Fix some Ubi BAO [Just Dance (Wii)]
- Add log functions to show errors to user
- Allow TXTH codec strings in name_table
- Add .xsh+xsd/xss variations [Minority Report (Xbox)]
- build: tweaks and fixes
- Ignore loop count 0 in foobar/winamp
- Ubi SB: Fixed some PSP games (by Nicknine)
- Add hca key (by bxaimc)
.psb, .mio by pooruser at 5:06 PM EDT on September 12, 2021
Big thanks to bnnm and all possibly others involved for adding the numerous .psb variants to vgmstream and uploading the affiliated game files. Please let me point to a previous upload also containing .psb sound, headers likewise starting with 'PSB', additionally accompanied by .m files. It's Judgment [Judge Eyes - Shinigami no Yuigon] (2018-12-13)(Ryu ga Gotoku Studios)(Sega)[PS4].7z from joshw, found it in November 2020. Stays unplayable for me, can it, despite the small number of example files, be added, too, and be it only for completeness?
And another issue. Bnnm, you were so kind to cure for grj1234's .bgm + .bgmkey uploads, then told him requesting support for his .mio uploads in Entis' format: 'I think it's doable but codec is surprisingly complex, so it may take a while to add' (Apr 19, 2021). I hope not to upset you belatedly mentioning that a WinAmp plugin 'in_mio.dll' already exists, inside, which can also be used for XMPlay, because it's well known that 'XMPlay also supports most Winamp input plugins' ( Maybe that helps, too.
Merci in advance for any reply.
by bnnm at 11:43 AM EDT on September 13, 2021
.psb.m are encrypted archives that (usually) go with a .bin, but in this case are probably the same with as the other .psb. I can fix se_arc.psb, but notice sound.psb is too small to contain anything (those minigames are just emulated ROMs). If you check the log ( it should tell you it's empty.

.psb.m bin files are usually extracted with one of these:
Key in exe seems to be default "25G/xpvTbsb 6".

As for MIO, source code is available so main issue is that it's just complex for me to understand (MP3-class codec) or even use/compile. So sooner or later but not ETA.


Btw, LoveEevee made a cool test web (decodes in browser, not all formats work ATM):

edited 12:02 PM EDT September 13, 2021
by bnnm at 5:32 PM EDT on October 15, 2021
latest vgmstream changes (releases / builds / alt (GCC) / bugs)

- CMake/build/misc fixes (by KatieFrogs)
- Cleanup and logs
- Add .psb/dyx extensions
- Tweak STREAMFILES to read +2GB files
- Handle +2GB .fsb and .ktsl2asbin [Nioh 2 (PC)]
- Tweak some XWMA total samples
- Add PCM24 codec [Legend of Mana (PC)]
- Add M2 .psb [Senxin Aleste, Legend of Mana (PC)]
- Fix some .p3d [Spider-Man 4 beta (X360)]
- Fix some .ktsl2asbin/atsl [Nioh (PC)]
- build: fix some emscripten/wasm crashes
- Improve .acb name reading performance
- Fix some .psb [Legend of Mana (Switch), Judgment (PS4)]
- Minor tweaks
- txtp_maker: extra subsong/renaming options
- Fix some Ogg .wav [Kirara Kirara NTR (PC), Only One 2 (PC)]
- Fix some .acb issues
- adx: play even if key not found
- Fix some Blitz .str+wav [Zapper (Xbox)]
- Fix some .psb [Castlevania Advance Col. (Switch)]
- CLI: print -h to stdout, parse tweaks
- txtm: tweak for multi multi-awb+acb
- Fix .wem with empty chunks
- Fix some Ubi .hxx [XIII (Xbox)]
- Add LOPU .lopus [Melty Blood Type Lumina (Switch)]
- Add LPCM .ladpcm [Melty Blood Type Lumina (Switch)]
- Add M2 looping .m4a [G-Darius HD (Switch)]
- Fix some .psb loops [G-Darius HD (Switch)]
- misc fixes
- Fix some LOPU .lopus loops [Melty Blood Type Lumina (Switch)]
- Add LPCM .w extension, cleanup
- Fix NX Opus with odd rates [Lego Marvel (Sw)]
- Add XA in TXTH [Phantasy Star (SAT), Fantavision (PS2)]
- Remove headerless XA (use TXTH) and improve detection speed
- Fix some .cnk 1SNh [Triple Play 97, FIFA 97 (PS1)]
- Fix some .cnk SCHl [NBA Live 97 (PS1)]
- vgmstream123: make options closer to CLI's
- Add more TXTH chunk options
- txth: clean detection and remove rare edge case
- cleanup
- Add HCA keys


Latest version of the web decoder (almost everything works now, including .txth/txtp if you drag multiple files):

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