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by AnonRunzes at 10:03 PM EDT on October 23, 2016
Getting Adx and Aix files by Stronglime at 10:49 AM EDT on April 11, 2017
Hi! I've been trying to understand how to extract the original ADX and AIX files from the game, since the extractor coded by Nisto gives .svag files as output. My intention is to replace the PC version Silent Hill 2 files with the PS2 ones, since they are of higher quality. (The PC version with mods nowdays is finally better than the PS2 version except, of course, the audio.)
I've seen Nisto figured out how to calculate the appropriate offset between the pc and ps2 versions, but I don't understand how to extract the files themselves. Anybody can help?

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by Nisto at 4:06 PM EDT on April 11, 2017
There are no ADX or AIX files in the PS2 version. The .svag files are dialogue/cutscene tracks. The .HD/.BD/.TD files contain the music and the sound effects, which are mostly sequenced, and thus not playable directly in an audio player (you would have to convert the music from the PSF2 set or something). Lastly, the audio in the movies are .ss2 streams, which you can extract using e.g. VGMToolbox (Misc. Tools -> Stream Tools -> Video Demultiplexer).

Speaking of the PSF2 set. I already posted it in this thread, but for posterity's sake I'll post SH2 and SH3 here too:
Silent Hill 2 - Saigo no Uta (2002-07-04)(KCE Tokyo)(Konami).7z
Silent Hill 3 (2003-05-23)(KCE Tokyo)(Konami).7z
Success,but.. by Stronglime at 7:03 AM EDT on April 12, 2017
Partial success! Thanks for the reply, I've managed to convert the files from PSF2 to WAV by using foobar2000, then back to ADX using a PES File converter i've found on the net. Then I put them back into the game and the quality is indeed better, but I have two problems:

When Foobar reads PSF2 files it's awfully quiet, is it because of the original files or the converter? If so, do you know a better PSF2->WAV(Or anything) converter?

I cannot find the dialogue files in the zip you posted, are they included? I've found a way to replace them with ADX files on the PC version too.

Managed to extract the dialogue files myself. Now looking into creating the PSF2 files to see if there's any difference in volume by playing with settings..

Found out that dialog files are not 1:1 with the PC version like with BGM files. The number of tracks inside voices on the PC version are 159, more than the streams obtained by extracting the european version of the game (122) even combining the PSF2 files labelled MISC and CORE (30). I suppose some of them are either empty, unused, or movie sound files? Strange, since the sound of movies in the PC version is inside the bik files themselves. I've tried to get at least the background music from the european version to test if i could rip it louder, but apparently I can't understand how to use mkpsf2 in VGM toolbox, I suppose i need some extra "IRX" files. I've found SD_CD.IRX and SD_HD.IRX and SDSTR.IRX in the european directors cut version disc, but I don't know which to use. The 7z file you provided me mentions a "sh2.irx" but it is nowhere to be found.
At this point, I don't know what to do. If you could provide me with a direct contact (Skype? IRC?) to help me out I'd be grateful.

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by Nisto at 2:53 PM EDT on April 12, 2017
Yeah, I'm aware the set is kind of quiet. The internal volume can be changed, but to be honest I'm not sure what the best solution is. Even though the game does adjust the volume upon boot, I decided I didn't want people complaining if it didn't turn out to be a good global volume, because some tracks are really loud. Also, the volume is barely any louder despite that initial adjustment. So I don't know if maybe it's manually adjusted for each track, but from the top of my head, the driver controls at least 4 different volumes: the user-configurable BGM and sound effect volumes, a master volume, and another one which I'm not perfectly sure about to be honest.

If I remember correctly, one of the trial versions had more dialogue tracks than both of the final releases. I may be wrong, but yeah, it could be that the PC version actually draws from one of them. (EDIT: Indeed, the E3 2001 trial release (SLPM-12345) also has 159 dialogue tracks.)

The sh2.irx file is a custom module I wrote to interact with the sound driver, so you won't find it on any disc. You can get the file out by using PSF2 Unpacker (also present in VGMToolbox). But you're not gonna be able to do much with those files unless you know some assembly language (MIPS R3000 to be exact), sorry to say. Also, you shouldn't try to replace the modules as they will likely not be compatible. I have patched some of the original modules specifically to be compatible with the PSF2 specs and my own module. Besides, all the sound modules are 100% identical between most of the releases, so the settings won't really be any different.

I'm usually on #vgmdb at

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by Ratio at 7:49 PM EDT on August 17, 2017
Hi guys,
Have any breakthroughs been made in converting/using the PS2's sound files for the PC version?

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