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Graffiti Kingdom's CDVDMAP.BIN file by Xane123 at 12:07 AM EDT on September 19, 2016
I opened Graffiti Kingdom's ISO and saw very few files in folders and a movies folder, but one file got me curious, the CDVDMAP.bin file in the root directory.

I opened it with HxD and saw what looked like filenames (and it contains PNG images uncompressed!), but what I saw at the beginning made me think maybe HCS64'd know what to do with it:


Right at the beginning of the file is the filename of a .SWD file and instrument names, which tells me Graffiti Kingdom uses sequenced music. Later in the file are the corresponding .SMD files that people in this thread bring up. They also have tools there for converting this format to MIDI, which I would love to do.

The problems are that it's in this .BIN archive format (it has filenames and they're usually followed by the corresponding file's data or PNG files are referenced then stored somewhere completely unrelated) and I'm not good with coming up with ways to open unknown file formats like this and secondly, even if the SMD/SWD files were extracted, would those tools designed for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games work with these PS2 game songs?

Here's the CDVDMAP.BIN file from the ISO if anyone wants to mess with it.

EDIT: A Japanese website says this when translated by Google:

[Graffiti kingdom]
The main data is stored in CDVDMAP.BIN.
Store information is stored in the program data (SLPM_650.97) within.

All ※ The following address is an address on the memory,
Position in the file will be minus the $ fee80 from each of value

And stored information ($ 3972e0 ~)
$ 20 units × number of data (1240)
+ $ 00 address of the file name
+ $ 08 data starting block number (1 block = $ 800)
+ $ 10 end-of-data block number
+ $ 18 use the number of blocks

Are further store more data in the archive file (* .ARC)
For information on this refer to the ~ $ 3c0540
+ $ 00 address of the file name
+ $ 04 address of the archive store information
+ $ 08 00?
+ $ 0C file size (* .ARC file the size of the entire?)
+ $ 10 the number of data stored
+ $ 14 FF FF FF FF?
+ $ 18 header ( "-RA-" begin with) of $ 04 of value
+ $ 1C (starting with "-RA-") header of $ 08 of value
Archive store information
+ $ 00 data start position (position from the archive file beginning)
+ $ 04 data size 1 (the size of the pre-deployment in the case of compressed data (CMP3))
+ $ 08 data size 2 (in the case of the compressed data expansion? And non-compression are the same as above)
+ $ 0C 00?
(If multiple data is stored repeatedly only the following data few minutes)
Data starting in CMP3 is like a compressed data, but it is unexplored with respect to how to deploy.

It should be noted that the data that begins with "afph" multiple data is stored.
$ 00 61 66 70 68 ( 'afph')
$ 04 this header size?
$ 08 the number of data
$ 0C data 1-start position (× $ 800 to) the beginning of this header is standard
$ 10 data 1 size (byte)
$ 14 data 2-start position
$ 18 data 2 size
(Less than a few minutes data only start position → repeat of size)

edited 1:07 AM EDT September 19, 2016
Bump! by Xane123 at 2:01 PM EDT on October 3, 2016
Does anyone know about the PS2 version of the SWD/SMD files? I still don't know where one file ends and the next begins, and I doubt anything for Pokemon would work for Graffiti Kingdom.
Bump #2(?) by Xane123 at 11:53 PM EDT on October 7, 2016
I'm doubting anyone here's interested in Graffiti Kingdom, being the obscure game it is, but...I would, at least, like to have its instrument samples extracted or to know their source (though there's a thread for that!) because...

...thinking of the instruments' names being written in ASCII in the file makes me wish someone here'd do something about the format but it's that complicated sequenced SWD/SMD format!
by MusashiAA at 11:56 PM EDT on October 15, 2016
Although I am very interested in Graffiti Kingdom's music, I cannot offer you any assistance in ripping its music, sorry.

I just wanted to voice my approval of Graffiti Kingdom music being researched.
Graffiti Kingdom's unfortunate file formats by Xane123 at 3:42 PM EDT on October 16, 2016
@MusashiAA: Ah...good thing I'm not alone; It's unfortunate they chose the SWD/SMD format for Graffiti Kingdom's music, as it was only found out for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games.

I read they have a different format for each platform, meaning what they know about the DS version may not apply to the PS2 format.

I'm glad you have the same interest and hope a third person comes. I also hope it turns out like the Gamecube MusyX thread but this is an obscure game...

It's like everything's against Graffiti Kingdom:

* Obscure game
* Weird SWD/SMD format
* Stored in unknown archive format
by Nisto at 5:53 PM EST on November 25, 2016
This actually seemed interesting enough for me to look into when I first saw it. I enjoy obscure stuff myself, so there is certainly some interest around here. Although, I honestly just wasn't sure I would be able to help before someone else would, especially since you had already found some information and seemed somewhat knowledgable yourself. Anyway, it seems like no one has gotten anywhere with this yet, so I finally took it upon me.

The Japanese notes you found is actually for the first game (called "Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color" in America). So ultimately, it wasn't really of any help unfortunately. Also, cdvdmap.bin cannot be extracted properly by itself; datatbl.bin contains necessary metadata and filenames, so it probably would've been a good idea to upload that originally.

I have put together a (crummy) Python script to extract it. There is some guess-work involved and I have only tested it with the Japanese release (SLPM-65637), so please be warned. To use it, drop/pass a directory that contains both cdvdmap.bin and datatbl.bin onto it. It will write extracted data to a new sub-folder within the given folder, called "cdvdmap_extracted".

If anyone tries it with the American release, please let me know if it works properly. I have noticed there is some ~10MB that are left unextracted (with SLPM-65637 at least), and I haven't yet figured out what/why that might be. I don't believe it to be padding however, since file sizes are expressed as sectors, and I assume files are adjoined.

To extract the .arc files (which will contain your SMD/SWD files), here's another script -- pass a .arc file to it:

Please help improve these scripts if you (anyone) can. Thanks.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like any of the currently available SMD/SWD converters will work with the files from this game. The magic number on these are "smdm"/"swdm", whereas every program I've come across seems to check only for "smdl"/"swdl". Bummer.
by Knurek at 1:56 AM EST on November 27, 2016
@Nisto: Have you tried using the driver from Shadow Hearts rip? I believe that one also used Procyon Studio custom driver.
by Nisto at 8:43 AM EST on November 27, 2016
Ahh. Thanks.

I checked it out, but it seems Shadow Hearts uses a slightly different format. I could be wrong about that, but I was unable to get it working despite best efforts. The SMD/SWD files in Shadow Hearts have a custom 32-byte header (maybe specifically added for the PSF2 driver?) not present in the Graffiti Kingdom files, which I made sure to add first as well.

Here's the Graffiti Kingdom BGM files if anyone else wants to try their luck.
Thanks, Nisto! by Xane123 at 1:33 AM EDT on April 19, 2017
Wow, I left this thread thinking nothing would happen, but wow, an extractor has been made for that file? That is awesome.

Now the two things I'm thinking:

· Now the only thing that's left is to find out yhe music format.
· I also like the Graffiti Wand, but I bet the model format will be as strange as the music format.

Also, sorry for the big bump, but I wanted to say thanks.
by Nisto at 2:13 AM EDT on April 19, 2017
Glad it was of use to someone. In case you missed it, I also posted a PSF2 rip (here), if that's of any interest. (EDIT: Down now, but it's been mirrored on

Also, the tools are up on Github since a few weeks ago in case someone's still looking for them.

edited 2:16 AM EDT April 19, 2017

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