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Gotham City Imposters .wav by TheGoldenChild at 1:21 AM EDT on June 18, 2018
Hello, I tried playing these sound files in foobar however they do not play. I was wondering if anyone knew a solution?
by Ultrafighter at 5:38 AM EDT on June 19, 2018
Well first we have to know how you got those WAVs: were they located in some folder or did you extract them out of a bank / bigfile / sound archive? I'm trying to figure out if Imposters VG is structured the same way FEAR 2 was; if both games have more or less the same structure maybe someone will be able to come up with a solution.
BTW is it even a jingle / stinger / BGM piece or supposedly a VO clip? I mean was it originally in some global audio directory or in a folder named like "en", "fr", "de", etc.? Such details can actually mean a lot too because VOs are usually mono while BGM's normally stored in 2ch files.
So long!
by TheGoldenChild at 11:08 AM EDT on June 19, 2018
Ok, the way I got them was I extracted them from alugi's quick BMS script here

This dumped the folders one being named snd.

Inside of the snd folder are where I got the .wav's in side of the snd are subfolders named amb,de,en,es,fr,gameplay_objects, it, menu, music, voice. Inside of those folders is where I got the .wav's some of the folders also have .ogg's as well but quickbms cannot play them. I posted one below from the main directory.
by Ultrafighter at 7:19 AM EDT on June 20, 2018
In regard to SND: either post bigger samples or try this BMS on any *.snd files that are at least 2-3 MB big. If the script manages to extract something out of SNDs without errors & output files have roughly / almost the same size as original SND archives then you can probably play resulting smaller *.snd tracks with a TXTH.

As for both WAVs you posted: they're probably headerless and we should know what platform they're coming from, otherwise they'll remain unplayable.

And finally OGGs (I mean files with *.ogg extension) can be AudioKinetic WWise (most likely Vorbis) sounds, change their extension to *.wem and try playing them in VGMstream.

I wish your good luck with this title, see you in a bit!

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by TheGoldenChild at 12:01 AM EDT on June 24, 2018
No dice there, when I extracted I only got one huge .SND file the same size as the Arch01 file. I can upload the arch01 file if you'd like.

by Ultrafighter at 2:22 AM EDT on June 24, 2018
I don't need initial *.arch01 files because I don't have the reason to believe that extractor BMS doesn't work right, I might welcome some filelist (with complete names of files / their paths, sizes, creation dates and so on) of contents of that snd folder though. You don't need to post details of every file found there, a dozen files with different extensions should be enough (like 11 random files from "snd" directory, then 13 samples from "menu" subdirectory, 12 examples from "en" subfolder, you get the idea).
Maybe I'll understand structure of that audio directory better if you provide such a list, right now I'm truly confused: first you post that tiny supp_bombhuge.snd sample then you say there's just one (1) SND file that's like 900+ MB or 1,1+ GB...

And you haven't stated what platform you're trying to rip yet, also it'd help a lot if you told me what you're even looking for: voices, music, SFX or something else?

Till next time!

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by TheGoldenChild at 3:26 AM EDT on June 24, 2018
Yea, it is odd the script that I linked was the script that extracted everything with names and etc. I tried to organize everything into the same way I seen in the folder. I am currently trying to rip from the PC version and I am aiming to extract the voices and SFX.

File Below is organized from what I have extracted in its extact replicated form. There are some empty ones but only due to it being really repetitive.
by Ultrafighter at 4:09 AM EDT on June 25, 2018
Hello man, I think I've found a solution, well at least it should work with most (big) SNDs and there're even 2 options here: to use SNDExtractor v 0.1 by Crypton or QuickBMS + BMS by Bnnm. Here's a pack with batches for both ways of extraction.

Simply put either "Convert all with QuickBMS.bat", & quickbms.exe or (another method) "Convert all with SNDExtractor.bat" + SNDExtractor.exe in the folder with your initial *.snd files and run respective *.bat, you'll get playable smaller SNDs (contents of each bank go to its own directory) or standard PCM WAVs (those can be found in the same folder as original bigfiles).
To play the former place .snd.txth by Bnnm where extracted SNDs are and add *.snd files to playlist, VGMstream will be able to play them all unless they're like 306, 11 or 0 Bytes. You see the main disadvantage of using that BMS is abundance of such super-small placeholders (?) so that probably SNDExtractor processes Monolith archives better... It was designed for FEAR 2 (PC) though, there's no guarantee it'll work perfectly with supposedly updated/changed banks from Impostors. I guess you can choose 1 tool in the beginning and only use the 2nd one as the last resort in case the first program produces some huge errors or bugs.


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by TheGoldenChild at 11:55 PM EDT on June 27, 2018
No Dice, got an error for solutions.
Here I have uploaded the ARCH01 file that I was trying to extract.. 2GB.
by Ultrafighter at 10:20 AM EDT on June 28, 2018
Both ways should work at least for SND samples you upped here, test either BMS + TXTH or EXE solution on wrld_tutorial.snd from en or de folders & gadg_glide.snd from root directory.
You simply have to get these individual tracks if you carefully follow my instructions, I dunno what's wrong on your end - maybe it's an outdated quickbms.exe or in_vgmstream.dll / foo_input_vgmstream.dll?
Regards, Ultrafighter.

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