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Switch - Music (pin'd) (last page)12:58 AM EDT October 17, 2018bxaimc 555 Music Archive thread of awesome (pin'd) (last page)1:32 AM EDT October 16, 2018marcusss 3538
vgmstream (pin'd) (last page)8:54 PM EDT October 15, 2018marcusss 2071
The VGM/Others Instrument Source Thread (pin'd) (last page)4:53 PM EDT October 15, 2018Nisto 2265
3DS - Music (pin'd) (last page)12:48 AM EDT October 12, 2018bxaimc 1557
The Official Streamed VGM Distribution Thread (pin'd) (last page)6:33 PM EDT September 11, 2018AnonRunzes 2274
What's going on in other xsf formats (pin'd) (last page)3:50 PM EDT August 11, 2018Kirishima 2168
The Official VGMToolbox Thread (pin'd) (last page)1:29 AM EDT July 26, 2018Steve_Doido 335
Pinned/sticky thread discussion (pin'd) (last page)9:31 PM EDT April 30, 2018bxaimc 34
foo_input_usf problems12:27 AM EDT October 16, 2018thecoreyburton 7
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Soundfont (last page)4:40 PM EDT October 14, 2018Jemmysponz 107
Extract PS2 Archive (Area 51 PS2 AUDIOPKG)11:50 AM EDT October 14, 2018Anterag 1
Twisted Metal 4- menu music extract (last page)10:10 AM EDT October 14, 2018AceK 14
Far cry 4 (PS3) *.DAT/*.FAT9:21 AM EDT October 14, 2018Ultrafighter 5
cseq2mid9:19 AM EDT October 14, 2018hcs 10
Streepass Music/ Activity Log3:57 PM EDT October 13, 2018Krisss 3
Mobile - Music (last page)8:40 PM EDT October 12, 2018FZFalzar 115
Gamecube MusyX Audio Thread (last page)3:44 PM EDT October 10, 2018jurassicPieter 225
Wii U - Music (last page)11:05 AM EDT October 9, 2018MoldyPond 1056
This snddata.obj file is the bane of my existence! Urgent help required! (last page)8:55 AM EDT October 9, 2018garyopa 16
ue4opus12:12 PM EDT October 8, 2018barmagic803to 1
Has anyone ever made a USF plugin for Audacious on Linux?4:04 PM EDT October 7, 2018cli 3
Fortnite music ("UE4OPUS") (last page)8:43 PM EDT October 6, 2018barmagic803to 18
Nicktoons Racing PS1 Music (last page)6:06 PM EDT October 6, 2018Infomaniac95 24
vgm.wiki2:26 AM EDT October 5, 2018Basillica 9
Extracting FFX's Sound Effects12:53 AM EDT October 4, 2018Kirishima 4
Help: Project Justice in game Voice/SFX rips1:55 AM EDT September 30, 2018TheGoldenChild 3 (frontend and upload form for update and feedback thread (last page)7:43 AM EDT September 29, 2018marcusss 98
Mario Party files and a converter8:20 PM EDT September 28, 2018Platinum-Deluxe 4

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