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The Official Streamed VGM Distribution Thread (pin'd) (last page)10:25 AM EDT April 24, 2018VIRGIN KLM 2266
vgmstream (pin'd) (last page)9:37 AM EDT April 24, 2018AnonRunzes 1773 Music Archive thread of awesome (pin'd) (last page)8:38 AM EDT April 23, 2018punk7890-2 3046
3DS - Music (pin'd) (last page)11:50 PM EDT April 20, 2018ChillyBilly 1536
The VGM/Others Instrument Source Thread (pin'd) (last page)8:26 AM EDT April 20, 2018G-Boy 2235
The Official VGMToolbox Thread (pin'd) (last page)4:50 AM EDT April 15, 2018bnnm 329
What's going on in other xsf formats (pin'd) (last page)3:54 PM EST March 4, 2018Nisto 2156
Wii U - Music (pin'd) (last page)12:46 PM EST January 30, 2018MoldyPond 1041
Pinned/sticky thread discussion (pin'd) (last page)7:40 PM EST December 30, 2017Mr.Sanic 32
Cookie Run: Ovenbreak encrypted fsb (last page)9:39 AM EDT April 24, 2018winterbreezesrule 18
Nicktoons Racing PS1 Music (last page)9:13 AM EDT April 24, 2018simonmkwii 14
Would it make sense for F-Zero X to be ripped to "lwav" than usf?6:10 AM EDT April 24, 2018simonmkwii 7
Gamecube Sequence Format? (last page)5:51 PM EDT April 23, 2018Volkov73 29
PS4 OS Music dump2:26 PM EDT April 23, 2018Sephirothkefka 1 (frontend and upload form for update and feedback thread (last page)4:42 AM EDT April 23, 2018datschge 60
Ripping music from Digimon World Data Squad (PS2)7:54 AM EDT April 22, 2018testie1 1
Ultimate Spider-Man PC - Unknown encoding6:48 AM EDT April 22, 2018Nicknine 7
Mobile - Music (last page)4:42 AM EDT April 22, 2018bnnm 94
Tony Hawk Project 8 and Wildfire Online5:10 PM EDT April 21, 2018Ultrafighter 2
Ratatouille PC *.AIF files5:00 PM EDT April 21, 2018Nicknine 6
Aladdin Nasira's revenge PSx midi request (last page)1:20 PM EDT April 21, 2018bxaimc 16
SpoongeBob SuperSponge .XM Music Files1:25 AM EDT April 21, 2018Infomaniac95 9
Super Nes non SPC music (last page)2:33 PM EDT April 20, 2018Kirishima 14
How to rip GB/GBC Sequences?3:03 PM EDT April 19, 2018Knurek 9
Switch - Music (last page)3:48 AM EDT April 19, 2018simonmkwii 347
Discord server?3:46 AM EDT April 19, 2018simonmkwii 2
Help with reripping Matrix: Path of Neo3:34 PM EDT April 18, 2018Ultrafighter 1
cseq to midi converters?11:53 AM EDT April 16, 2018forumguy 3
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Soundfont (last page)5:01 AM EDT April 16, 2018G-Boy 90

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