Pinned/sticky thread discussion by hcs at 5:07 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
Hey folks, so I've now implemented thread pinning as often requested, should be live within a few minutes of me posting this.

Now the job is to dig through the archives for anything you think is important enough to pin. Talk about them here and I'll add them to the list if I agree.

I think the first obvious contender is
the thread.

Discussion of other stuff that I should add to the forum, unless it directly relates to pinning, goes elsewhere.

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by Nisto at 5:22 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
I think another good contender would be the streamed VGM distribution thread.
by Kurausukun at 5:35 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
And also the thread of awesome.

EDIT: Ninja'd :P

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by Kirishima at 5:47 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
I'm sure if they are important enough, but how about these 2:


by icecream at 7:09 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
The instrument source thread?
by RukarioGyiyg996 at 11:17 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
I was wondering why things looked odd today...
by Kurausukun at 11:50 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
How about the issue where the site absolutely refuses to keep me logged in between sessions?
by hcs at 12:04 AM EDT on March 23, 2016
Kurausukun, that is off-topic for this thread. Hop over to the forum fixes thread and we can try to debug that.

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by JILost at 4:00 PM EDT on March 23, 2016
How about "3DS - Music", "Wii U - Music", and their ilk?
by hcs at 6:04 PM EDT on March 23, 2016
I guess, I'm a little worried about it taking over the page. As it is I'm already going to have to modify things to display more than 20 posts on the first page.

Ok, Dunnet. Again, let me know what else there is.

edited 6:24 PM EDT March 23, 2016
by Vector Harbor at 12:44 PM EDT on March 24, 2016
Why you don't just Pinned a thread with most popular thread...?

Just create one and put 'em all in one thread
by hcs at 1:06 PM EDT on March 24, 2016
Good question. Mostly because people won't bother to look there, I think.

Maybe it makes sense for all but the most important few threads?

I'm not 100% sure why we want pinned threads anyway, a few possible reasons:
1) Make commonly-sought information available without searching, even if the thread in question doesn't see much traffic
2) Discourage people from starting a new conversation when there is already a thread about it
3) Ensure that new visitors see something
4) Promote attention to discussions deemed important

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by Vector Harbor at 2:19 PM EDT on March 24, 2016
Then make a strawpoll and ask their opinions ^_^
by hcs at 5:00 PM EDT on March 24, 2016
That's what this thread is for.
by Dais! at 12:09 AM EDT on April 4, 2016
How about pinned threads for file requests and simple questions unlikely to cause extended discussions?
by hcs at 7:08 AM EDT on April 4, 2016
Hm, very interesting idea.

Generally we would prefer new threads if they're asking something new (corollary of my point #2 above), but there is a persistent problem of requests showing up in long-running threads about distribution. Is it possible that a dedicated requests thread could attract this kind of thing (#3)?

What kind of title would you suggest?

Another solution would be more moderation capability, so I could just move stuff to new threads, otherwise we're in the situation now where I rarely intervene because I have to manually hit the database to fix anything.

edited 7:10 AM EDT April 4, 2016
by Dais! at 9:56 AM EDT on April 8, 2016
Oh right this

Personally, I'd suggest something along the lines of
ATTN: All requests for rips and reuploads go in this topic!

Complete with bold if possible. Maybe stick in some other term like "rarities" to cover non-rip things nobody has previously asked for.

I think most people would get the impression that is the first place to put a request, and posters more invested in individual projects would still end up in the relevant threads.

A bigger question than the title is the ground rules set by the opening post. It would help to have a clear outline of what isn't allowed - stuff like official development software, commercial games, keygens, recently released albums and other things that might attract negative attention. Maybe suggest a few common resources or upload sites.

edited 9:59 AM EDT April 8, 2016
by AnonRunzes at 9:04 PM EDT on May 2, 2016
Forgive me if I sound childish and this subject a little too off-topic for this thread, but Moonboy65 is trolling its users who ask for help with the formats for a living.

Just to give you an example, he posted something along the lines of "nice thread title lol". What's worse even is that he doesn't even prove himself useful at all and prefers to rather troll these threads anyway instead of not doing anything at all.
by punk7890-2 at 9:40 PM EDT on May 2, 2016
Unfortunately, there will be always people like that around. It's nice to know at least that there is people that would report such foolish, low life behavior. The best thing you can do in this situation is to pay them no heed. They will move somewhere else from getting no attention.
by hcs at 9:44 PM EDT on May 2, 2016
I don't think he's being particularly disruptive. Looking through his post history I see nothing really jerkish until that last post.

Anyway, definitely off-topic for this thread.
by Kirishima at 10:21 PM EDT on July 9, 2016
Since the person who asked in the thread hasn't asked here, consider this thread for sticky?:
by RebeccaSugar at 10:00 AM EDT on July 28, 2016
Sexy thread you got here.
by Nisto at 3:53 PM EDT on August 16, 2016
Sticky this maybe? Bug Reports

While I'm at it (and sorry for asking here), may I ask you to fix the bug where the authentication fails if you are logged out and are trying to make a post while also logging in (filling out the username and password fields along with a message)?
by hcs at 4:24 PM EDT on August 16, 2016
I don't think bugs (or discussions of bugs, anyway) come up often enough to warrant a sticky; making a new thread for that doesn't lose anything important.

We can discuss that bug over in that thread.

edited 4:30 PM EDT August 16, 2016
VGM Instrument Source Thread by G-Boy at 7:23 AM EST on November 21, 2016
I love the VGM Instrument Source Thread, please pin it!

EDIT: Thanks!

edited 7:24 AM EST November 21, 2016
Video Game Soundfont Thread by G-Boy at 7:27 AM EST on November 21, 2016
Please pin my Video Game Soundfont Thread, I think it could be helpful to people who are looking for soundfonts.

edited 7:28 AM EST November 21, 2016
Possible Spambot by JFD62780 at 12:48 AM EST on November 22, 2016
Also, if possible, can rosan663's post be wiped? It looks too suspicious...
by hcs at 11:03 AM EST on November 22, 2016
The instrument source thread is already pinned. I'll think about the soundfont thread, there really hasn't been enough activity to warrant it yet, though.

Thanks for spotting the spam.

edited 11:03 AM EST November 22, 2016
by hcs at 2:53 AM EST on December 18, 2016
I'm proposing to pin bnnm's vgmstream latest beta thread. Sound good?
by Knurek at 6:42 AM EST on December 18, 2016
+1 from me
by bnnm at 7:37 AM EST on December 18, 2016
I mainly added it to point out there was some activity lately.

We can keep discussion/bug reports in the old vgmstream thread, maybe use the other when I build a new test/winamp.
by Mr.Sanic at 5:03 AM EST on December 21, 2017
Could you implement Thread deleting?
i want to delete my blank threads. (a lot)
by hcs at 9:00 PM EDT on April 30, 2018

- pin Switch (probably going to do this)

- unpin Wii U (maybe)

Any other suggestions?
by bxaimc at 9:31 PM EDT on April 30, 2018
Eh, you can pin switch but not much goes on in there tbh. Especially since lately only up to 2 of us even work on switch rips. But yea Wii U is pretty done as a main topic if anything.
by hcs at 6:20 PM EDT on August 4, 2019
Pinned the Discord thread, unpinned VGMToolbox as it hasn't been active in a long time. It might be helpful to pin a list of useful tools at some point.

edited 6:29 PM EDT August 4, 2019

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