This is an input component for the excellent media player foobar2000 which enables the use of Winamp input plugins. It is useful in case you want to use a plugin which the author has been too lazy to port to foobar (such as 64th Note). Note that it doesn't work with recent versions of foobar.
It is the work of RuRuRu (a.k.a. Ru^3) who for some reason has removed it from his web site.

GameCube Explorer 1.06 (english)
Allows viewing and extraction of files within a GameCube image. The author, kojirou, seems to have wiped his web site.

"The Strange Box"
A puzzle by "ymgve", originally found on the unfiction forum (archived). It's a nested set of encrypted rars. The original link is dead, I found it in an old backup.

Thomas W. Malone's "What Makes Things Fun to Learn?" papers
Malone did several studies and theorized about computer games and learning. Here's a few of his papers, not terribly hard to find but it's nice to have the PDFs in one place. Note that the last two are essentially identical to chapter VI of the first. As far as I am aware I have permission to reproduce these for non-commerical purposes:

Super Jukebox
A notable SPC player for Windows. The version 3.3 installer and source are available.

Another notable SPC player, for DOS, with interesting export capabilities. Version .301 full, lite, and source, and verison .300 Linux source.
Also version 0.3.1 source for Linux from the author's page

D. V. Schorre's META II paper
The paper describing the earliest documented metacompiler.
META II - A Syntax-oriented Compiler Writing Language, Proceedings of the 1964 19th ACM national conference

Koji Kondo live piano solo
"Koji Kondo performing "Grandma's Theme" from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker during the Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary symphony on 10/21/11"
Posted on Youtube the next day, it was removed shortly thereafter.

C.H.E.A.P.(cheap.exe) is a "Cheap program module as a Hoot.exe External Auto Player".

Bradley T. Vander Zanden's Constraint Grammars paper
Constraint Grammars — A New Model for Specifying Graphical Applications (3.4MB PDF), CHI '89 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pages 325-330
Scanned sloppily from a paper copy, see his thesis for much more detail.

Learning with coaching vs. open vs. restrictive software tools
Jackson, D. F., Edwards, B. J., & Berger, C. F. (1993). The design of software tools for meaningful learning by experience: Flexibility and feedback. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 9(3), 413-443.
Another scan from paper

Johan Georg Raeder's Programming in Pictures
Programming in Pictures. (7.5MB PDF), PhD thesis, University of Southern California, 1984.
This was cited in The Specification of Visual Language Syntax (Golin & Reiss 1990) as a visual language for functional programming, but no digital copy was available.
I decided to make this PDF as complete as possible as an exercise. I got a copy on loan from USC, scanned it (267 pages), and added an outline and OCRed text via tesseract and manual proofreading. The figures could be scanned better and I don't think I came up with the best solution for adding searchable text, but I'm unlikely to perfect it.

Robert M. Fano - The Transmission Of Information (2.6MB PDF)
Scan from paper (MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics Technical Report No. 65, March 17, 1949).
Here Fano sets out to derive the efficiency gains possible by recoding a message to reflect the expected frequency of symbols. The practical example he gives had been published earlier, with reference to Fano, by Claude Shannon in his seminal A Mathematical Theory of Communication, and became known as Shannon-Fano coding, but this was Fano's first publication on the subject.
You can also see an OCR only version, which mangles equations and diagrams but is overall more readable.

The continuation, dealing with noise, can be found on the Internet Archive, The Transmission Of Information - II.

McIntyre, D.R., and F.G. Wolff. - An Efficient Implementation of Huffman Decode Tables (871KB PDF), Congressus Numerantium volume 91 pages 79-92, 1992.
Paper scan, this gives an approach to encoding the shape of the code tree for a Huffman code, a problem of particular interest to me.

Jeffrey Bonar and Elliot Soloway - Preprogramming Knowledge: A Major Source of Misconceptions in Novice Programmers. (1.3MB PDF) - Human-Computer Interaction; 1985, Vol. 1 Issue 2, p133, 29p

Robert M. Gagné, Leslie J. Briggs, Walter W. Wager - Principles of Instructional Design, Fourth Edition (1992)
Full color PDF (32MB)
Bilevel-only PDF (6.9MB) which contains only the black printed text, smaller and easier to use with an e-reader
From the Open Library scans

Hans Breuer - Dictionary for Computer Languages (18MB PDF)
From photographs, PDF includes outline. A reference for translating programs between FORTRAN II, IV, and ALGOL 60.

Jean E. Sammet - Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals (56MB PDF)
From photographs, PDF includes outline and searchable text. A history of programming languages, published 1969.

Charles E. Mackenzie - Coded Character Sets, History and Development (18MB PDF)
Pre-existing scan (don't recall the source), I added outline bookmarks and processed with ocrmypdf to deskew and add searchable text. A history of ASCII and several other historically important encodings.

Lately I send stuff like this to the Internet Archive.