SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
VGMToolBox7:34 AM EST March 5, 2017Corak 4
Earthbound SPC2:10 AM EST March 5, 2017Kurausukun 3
Trying to mute SSF channels...2:18 PM EST March 4, 2017Moose 5
Nudge me in the right direction..? (last page)4:17 AM EST March 3, 2017Half Mile Ride 55
Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Dark Prison2:24 PM EST February 28, 2017RetroFanatic 6
Mark Grass generic psf driver update? (last page)11:21 AM EST February 27, 2017Squaresoft74 17
Help with Double Cast (PSX) ?PSF? audio11:02 AM EST February 26, 2017Squaresoft74 7
Shining the Holy Ark sequence? (last page)7:08 PM EST February 25, 2017MetalKnick 11
Unofficial HCS Forum distribution - Long time no see since 20115:32 PM EST February 25, 2017hcs 7
final bout psx str8:34 PM EST February 23, 2017terminator@ 1
XSB/XWB in a WBA container (Codename Kids Next Door Operation VGM) XBOX6:07 PM EST February 23, 2017Mygoshi 7
Dandy Dungeon, or the joy of ripping from Unity APKs5:21 PM EST February 23, 2017TerminaZeal 10
Whiplash XBOX RKV1:52 PM EST February 20, 2017Mygoshi 1
Gensou Suikoden (Sega Saturn) - CDBGM/CDSE .BIN files2:39 PM EST February 19, 2017AnonRunzes 1
Ace Attorney Wii Question8:15 AM EST February 19, 2017G-Boy 1
Recreating The FFVIBRATO10:43 AM EST February 18, 2017G-Boy 1
Tool: Zone of the Enders demuxer5:56 PM EST February 16, 2017AnonRunzes 7
Converting PS2 AFS to ADX files1:22 PM EST February 16, 2017Joestacos2 1
The Video Game Sound Source Thread (last page)5:31 PM EST February 14, 2017baggagelizard 26
How to convert .PS2 audio files6:43 PM EST February 13, 2017Zeether 1

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