SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
LF parameters to rip VFlash SFX using Audacity4:37 PM EST December 19, 2020P-Kong 1
COMPLETE Soundfont/MIDI Pack for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga! (last page)5:31 PM EST December 14, 2020Zettokage1337 38
Getting music, SFX and voices from Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (PS2)11:38 AM EST December 12, 2020Kirishima 2
Grandia: Digital Museum9:08 AM EST December 11, 2020Social E.nigma 1
Decoding HCA CRI files (last page)9:59 AM EST December 10, 2020Yukari 336
Dankira audio files, decoding help5:55 AM EST December 10, 2020OtogeHelp 3
Help on Rhythm Heaven Megamix's unplayable sound files (last page)12:47 AM EST December 8, 2020almendaz 11
Is vgm.hcs64 downloads down? (solved)9:22 AM EST December 5, 2020dj4uk6cjm 4
What are .bisar files and what are .bigrp files (last page)8:03 PM EST December 3, 2020ChillyBilly 15
Stardew Valley Switch Audio (Unreal)8:33 AM EST December 3, 2020Gaara4 1
How to create an OGG file with subsongs?9:35 AM EST December 2, 2020Dark_Ansem 3
Newbie here. What do I do with IFS files? 2:08 PM EST November 30, 2020Knurek 2
PlayStation bios sound files10:08 PM EST November 29, 2020Puterboy1 1
Locating Music Tracks in NES, SNES, & N64 ROMs?6:55 PM EST November 28, 2020hcs 2
Zelda Twilight Princess .bms Music Rips (last page)4:54 PM EST November 28, 2020Blockteen 157
Converting Baldur's Gate 3 Wwise audio files2:41 PM EST November 27, 2020hcs 5
Loop Points in Mass Effect 2 audio files (last page)9:55 AM EST November 27, 2020Dark_Ansem 17
Wwise music ripping guide9:05 AM EST November 27, 2020Dark_Ansem 2
A Real Strikers 1945 PSF Rips(Not II)11:36 AM EST November 26, 2020vus7294 1
Help with ripping sound effects from Sonic Shuffle2:21 PM EST November 22, 2020Arctiq 1

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