SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
Better PSF2 decoder for KH2?3:12 PM EDT March 27, 2021dachschaden 6
How to extract MIDI files from Dreamcast games?2:01 PM EDT March 22, 2021fedex1 4
Tomodachi Life midi file4:38 AM EDT March 22, 2021ShadowBlue9109 1
COMPLETE Soundfont/MIDI Pack for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga! (last page)12:45 PM EDT March 15, 2021JacintaB19 39
ADPCM Ripper v2b312:31 PM EDT March 15, 2021TheGuyinShades 7
Decoding HCA CRI files (last page)4:23 PM EDT March 14, 2021bnnm 344
Getting sound effects from Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii)3:44 PM EST March 12, 2021JacintaB19 1
The Official VGMToolbox Thread (last page)6:06 PM EST March 10, 2021Wakutan 340
Help on Rhythm Heaven Megamix's unplayable sound files (last page)6:08 PM EST March 9, 2021JacintaB19 13
Dragon Ball Final Bout PSX- question about sequences (last page)4:17 AM EST March 9, 2021Dark_Ansem 51
How I Spend My Time (last page)4:48 AM EST March 6, 2021hcs 1997
local nerd desperate to get sound effects from Saturn game4:21 PM EST March 5, 2021CJofCourse 3
how can i open .blob files?3:32 AM EST March 4, 2021civilizedproducer 1
Searching for a Paper Mario The Origami King track10:48 PM EST February 26, 2021Tanookirby 1
Can anyone help me open the EA games BIG file?1:13 PM EST February 26, 2021ShadowBlue9109 3
Ripping GBS (last page)5:37 PM EST February 25, 2021marcoxD95 11
noob question: how to turn the volume up on layered bfstms using txtp?5:39 PM EST February 24, 2021bnnm 2
can't upload any files5:21 PM EST February 24, 2021bnnm 2
h4m / HVQM4 audio (last page)11:21 PM EST February 19, 2021flacs 65
Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Missing Track?11:51 AM EST February 19, 2021mariofan12ify 2

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