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Mobile - Music (last page)11:47 PM EDT October 9, 2017MurraySkull 46
Help me decode this unknown audio file container format which was only used on one GameCube game!8:00 PM EDT October 9, 2017Mr.Sanic 2
NES Classic/SNES Classic menu music7:02 PM EDT October 9, 2017Koto 9
Decoding HCA CRI files (last page)1:16 PM EDT October 9, 2017furrybob 236
Wii MIDI + Soundfont Thread4:21 PM EDT October 7, 2017Mr.Sanic 9
Tokyo Ghoul: Re Invoke .ACB and .HCA sound issue10:48 AM EDT October 3, 2017TheGoldenChild 4
Arcade rips 1:43 PM EDT October 1, 2017Kirishima 4
In-MGME (Winamp) isn't loading?9:29 PM EDT September 27, 2017DrO 5
Kingdom Hearts 2: The 13th Dilemma Song1:17 PM EDT September 26, 2017Franpa 5
God Eater Resurrection (PC)2:05 PM EDT September 25, 2017bnnm 4
How to find loop points in 2SF instrument samples?11:13 PM EDT September 23, 2017TheBigL1 3
GBA Non-Sappy GSF ripping7:23 AM EDT September 23, 2017Zetto Kuzuuya 6
An (almost) entirely comprehensive USF tracklist for Paper Mario8:09 PM EDT September 22, 2017kode54 4
Pokémon X/Y loop info (last page)6:14 PM EDT September 21, 2017soneek 17
Generic PSF Utility (last page)5:52 PM EDT September 19, 2017Kirishima 61
gsfopt11:23 PM EDT September 18, 2017CapComMDb 4
A few (older?) games that have yet to be ripped8:35 PM EDT September 18, 2017glennmagusharvey 1
Need help finding loop points for the PC version of Shantae & The Pirate's Curse4:26 PM EDT September 18, 2017bnnm 7
Super Princess Peach 2SF Rip (last page)12:06 PM EDT September 18, 2017dj4uk6cjm 41
Game Music Emu multi channel dumper (last page)1:00 PM EDT September 14, 2017TheUltimateKoopa 31

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