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Favorite redbook soundtrack4:51 AM EDT April 15, 2017Lunar 7
Looping XA files (SotN) with vgmstrean?5:24 AM EDT April 14, 2017Sephirothkefka 10
Yooka Laylee .wem files10:10 PM EDT April 13, 2017wolupgm6 6
Gamecube MusyX Audio Thread (last page)8:00 PM EDT April 12, 2017Xane123 198
Silent Hill 2 sound files research (last page)4:58 PM EDT April 12, 2017Nisto 145
Social Stigma and Loneliness (last page)3:18 PM EDT April 12, 2017drexl 66
Jungle Book: Rhythm N' Groove - STREAMED.BLK11:43 AM EDT April 12, 2017Lou18 5
ADX type 9 decryption?9:37 AM EDT April 8, 2017bnnm 3
How can I rip music myself? (last page)11:30 PM EDT April 7, 2017Infernus Animositas 21
The Video Game Sound Source Thread (last page)3:30 PM EDT April 7, 2017G-Boy 27
Extracting content from .dat files from Mario Sports Superstars (last page)1:41 PM EDT April 5, 2017Swiftie24 15
Wii U DSPADPCM conversion?3:50 PM EDT April 1, 2017planedec50 7
I made some custom driver rips (PSF2) (last page)6:18 PM EDT March 31, 2017mogikihei 31
Question about Mario Golf World Tour .bcstm files.5:07 PM EDT March 31, 2017Swiftie24 7
Gba music rip12:58 PM EDT March 31, 2017Kurausukun 4
Metal Gear Solid 2 PC: Need help trying to extract the contents of BGM.dat (last page)7:39 PM EDT March 29, 2017E3245 12
Wii *.mus DSP ADPCM Help8:58 AM EDT March 26, 2017Mygoshi 4
Unofficial HCS Forum distribution - Long time no see since 20115:46 PM EDT March 25, 2017hcs 9
How I Spend My Time (last page)5:48 AM EDT March 25, 2017Kurausukun 1838
Tales of Destiny 2 (JP) OST question4:24 AM EDT March 23, 2017MetalKnick 7

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