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Request: Dragon Age Inquisition + DLCs2:27 PM EDT August 15, 2017Dark_Ansem 2
vgmstream M3U tagging ideas8:24 AM EDT August 15, 2017datschge 5
Will converting a MPEG-1 Layer III to MP3 cause quality loss? (last page)4:06 AM EDT August 15, 2017Dark_Ansem 11
Garbled AWB file7:54 PM EDT August 14, 2017Ardian 3
Super Princess Peach 2SF Rip (last page)2:00 PM EDT August 13, 2017dj4uk6cjm 32
Having trouble with Kirby 64 soundfont5:56 AM EDT August 13, 2017mariofan12ify 7
Mobile - Music (last page)12:43 AM EDT August 13, 2017ChillyBilly 21
Porting N64 audio SDK to PC3:51 AM EDT August 12, 2017derselbst 3
Mario Strikers Charged .brsar file2:27 AM EDT August 10, 2017ArcticJaguar725 2
VERY IMPORTANT - The Great Escape *.PSF (Xbox)8:43 PM EDT August 7, 2017Mygoshi 8
tri-Ace IMA ADPCM?7:13 PM EDT August 5, 2017bnnm 5
A 8-bit soundfont that resembles Capcom games?4:30 PM EDT August 5, 201720cayers 4
SPT/SPD and ILG files6:11 AM EDT August 5, 2017datschge 2
Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem music for GameBoy Advance1:42 PM EDT August 4, 2017Moonboy65 1
NHL 2K11 (Wii finally extracted) (last page)5:00 AM EDT August 4, 2017djneo11 11
Getting GBA Mus Riper files to play in Windows Media Player 128:05 PM EDT August 3, 2017kode54 8
Experimental fast ADX encryption cracker (last page)6:00 PM EDT August 3, 2017bnnm 24
Extracting Sound Files From N64 Roms?5:32 PM EDT August 2, 2017birdmanager6 10
WarioWare Smooth Moves sequenced brsar *shoutout to ArcticJaguar725* (last page)1:52 PM EDT August 2, 2017Moonboy65 30
Super Mario Run OST Ripped? (last page)10:37 PM EDT August 1, 2017MurraySkull 12

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