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Attack on Titan's (PC) audio format10:19 AM EDT June 17, 2017McCunyao 1
Cookie Run Ovenbreak music decryption4:08 PM EDT June 13, 2017tamincog 1
PSX+360 RIP11:07 AM EDT June 12, 2017marcusss 9
Game Music Emu multi channel dumper (last page)9:31 AM EDT June 12, 2017datschge 16
USF on the real hardware2:40 AM EDT June 12, 2017marcusss 7
Ripping stems with vgmstream?10:29 PM EDT June 11, 2017kode54 9
VGM list? (last page)1:08 PM EDT June 8, 2017hcs 15
Sega Saturn .mus files.3:09 PM EDT June 6, 2017Firebrandx 6
What Format Does Brawl Use in Its .brsar?1:28 AM EDT June 6, 2017Kurausukun 6
Plagiarism and Inspiration in VGMs Thread9:34 PM EDT June 5, 2017mariofan12ify 8
Extracting the sequence and samples from PSF12:03 PM EDT June 4, 2017Xane123 3
Vicarious Visions VOX ADPCM/HWAS SAWH (DS games)6:47 AM EDT June 4, 2017Mygoshi 1
Three looping questions.1:00 AM EDT June 3, 2017glennmagusharvey 9
Labyrinth no Kanata and Valkyrie Profile 2 SFX?4:04 PM EDT May 30, 2017SunClonus 4
PS2 Resident Evil 4 .SND Audio4:25 AM EDT May 30, 2017Kirishima 4
Boku no Natsuyasumi (PS1) - BOKU_XA.XAM5:12 PM EDT May 28, 2017AnonRunzes 3
Kirby Super Star Ultra Soundfont?8:38 PM EDT May 27, 2017Kurausukun 2
The Video Game Sound Source Thread (last page)8:04 AM EDT May 27, 2017G-Boy 28
Super Mario 64 Midi's1:40 PM EDT May 25, 2017mariofan12ify 10
Playing PS2 .AST files4:20 AM EDT May 24, 2017erie557 6

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