SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
Wii Mario All-Stars Home Menu Jingle4:59 AM EDT April 9, 2022MoldyPond 3
Lego Skywalker Saga .AUDIO_DATA11:39 AM EDT April 7, 2022Puterboy1 1
need help setting up foobar4:38 PM EDT April 5, 2022bnnm 2
Majora's Mask Midi's (last page)9:57 AM EDT April 4, 2022WheelmanMitch 56
soundfount1:18 PM EDT March 29, 2022kain 3
Last Rites (.DSF, ADPCM)2:53 AM EDT March 28, 2022Corak 5
What's the fix for the messed up tags for .gbs files?3:42 AM EDT March 27, 2022Uikri 3
Final Fantasy XII PSFs9:13 AM EDT March 25, 2022drkshadow 5
Sample used on Zelda for the N6411:43 PM EDT March 17, 2022jeexx 1
Cyberpunk 2077 and wwiser9:29 AM EDT March 16, 2022Dark_Ansem 1
Layering tracks with different loop points/lengths5:40 AM EST March 11, 2022LouieG 4
Can't understand how this file still plays5:51 PM EST March 10, 2022tester22341 1
Just Cause Music Rip2:05 AM EST March 7, 2022JackTheRipper 2
can you use VGM to convert WAV files to game formats?7:43 PM EST March 6, 2022hcs 2
Audio files for Manhunt Main Menu Hidden Message6:30 PM EST March 2, 2022Jack Krowell 3
GS 3.3 Shell.bin disassembly in-progress9:39 PM EST February 28, 2022hcs 4
Need help decrypting Il2CPP'd HCA files4:06 PM EST February 25, 2022Drawrgon 6
┬┐Has anyone got Animal Crossing City Folk streamed? (last page)1:46 PM EST February 24, 2022Chubby_Bub 39
Mario Strikers Charged IDSPs8:49 AM EST February 23, 2022oxxorz 9
Remaining N64 Midi Tool games (last page)7:29 PM EST February 18, 2022SubDrag 45

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