SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
Decrypting criware audio (Argonavis Kimisute)4:51 PM EST February 13, 2024nanpajanaiyo 2
Way to directly rip from Xbox One?3:24 AM EST February 12, 2024Katsur 9
Akatsuki no Goei Trinity PS3 Cannot find header12:30 AM EST February 11, 2024Serecola 1
Decoding HCA CRI files (last page)3:47 PM EST February 9, 2024stdpi 364
Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2) SDX Files6:59 AM EST February 9, 2024sublogic002 1
Reza Video Game Sound Samples Restoration Reel10:32 PM EST February 6, 2024RezaKhadafi2002 1
Silent Hill 1 minipsf do not play with foo_psf plugin in Foobar?4:27 PM EST February 5, 2024marcoxD95 3
Custom Robo GX GSF playback issue9:13 AM EST February 4, 2024loveemu 4
Down the World - Mervil's Ambition Love Theme "Corrected"6:14 AM EST February 3, 2024KungFuFurby 4
Decrypting Idolmaster Song for Prism acb files1:25 PM EST February 2, 2024nanpajanaiyo 1
The current state of sequenced game music ripping scene, in my honest opinion2:01 AM EST January 31, 2024Katsur 4
URF NDS files (last page)9:00 PM EST January 30, 2024LandonAndEmma 11
Documenting the PS2 CSL sequenced formats (SQ/BD/HD), and comparisons to PS1 generic sequenced formats (SEQ/VH/VB)6:48 AM EST January 30, 2024uyjulian 8
extracting final fantasy VII sound files. srt wav4:06 PM EST January 29, 2024marine025 1
extract OST and voice lines from vietcong 26:55 PM EST January 28, 2024marine025 1
.SB0 and .Bin files2:39 PM EST January 28, 2024marine025 1
Any way to chop off the intro from a minigsf file?3:10 PM EST January 26, 2024Curiouser 3
GBA music extracted to MIDI + SoundFont (last page)1:58 PM EST January 18, 2024SmartOne 79
Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown7:52 AM EST January 18, 2024greenplant 1
CRI USM extract subtitle1:36 PM EST January 14, 2024mynikal 1

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