SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
Persona games5:51 PM EDT April 27, 2019Zetto Kuzuuya 3
Converting .genh to .wav, getting static noise and no music6:36 PM EDT April 26, 2019hcs 6
Banjo-Tooie USF5:46 AM EDT April 26, 2019SmithNLessons 3
uploads via Dat2:53 AM EDT April 26, 2019hcs 3
I need -not related with VGM- help1:26 PM EDT April 25, 2019Koto 3
Eternal Darkness Audio Formats (last page)11:54 AM EDT April 25, 2019Dark_Ansem 22
Problematic GBS files (foobar2000)7:50 AM EDT April 25, 2019Lunar 1
A way to mute individual PSF channels (last page)9:44 PM EDT April 22, 2019Nisto 11
Turok GB stereo separation - emulation vs hardware1:50 PM EDT April 22, 2019radornkeldam 1
Editing Sonic Riders Zero Gravity (Wii) sound effects?2:19 AM EDT April 22, 2019Dragokai180 1
Area 51 (Xbox) Music files5:42 PM EDT April 21, 2019Anterag 1
Big N64 Midi Tool Update V2 (last page)7:28 AM EDT April 21, 2019InfernoNemesis 97
USF channel muting?10:03 PM EDT April 19, 2019kode54 5
Problem with playing Snatcher KSS files with foo_gep.9:51 PM EDT April 17, 2019kode54 3
Decoding HCA CRI files (last page)6:01 AM EDT April 17, 2019ponaromixxx 288
Extracting BIN format and converting contents (last page)5:27 PM EDT April 16, 2019rins 19
Creating/repacking multichannel FSBs? (DJ Hero custom music)9:33 PM EDT April 14, 2019shockdude 3
How to extract Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 & 2.8 voices?1:29 PM EDT April 13, 2019Dark_Ansem 1
Kingdom Hearts 3 audio format different from 2.8?4:26 PM EDT April 12, 2019Dark_Ansem 6
Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Ripped PSF2 files (last page)2:54 PM EDT April 12, 2019icecream 31

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