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Ripping music and sounds from Tanktics (PC) (last page)1:53 PM EDT August 31, 2023 WDLmaster 12
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GC) BGM/WD/WI reverse-engineered (last page)12:22 PM EDT August 24, 2023LusciousCloud 25
3DO Music Question9:27 AM EDT August 20, 2023Locke_gb7 2
3DS - Music (last page)11:45 PM EDT August 3, 2023heyyyyyyyyyyyyy 1623
Highest quality way to extract/render NDS music?10:49 AM EDT July 31, 2023LandonAndEmma 4
Quake Champions PAK extraction10:33 AM EDT July 31, 2023marcusss 4
Graffiti Kingdom's CDVDMAP.BIN file (last page)3:16 AM EDT July 24, 2023nasu 14
May to June 2023 Updates:11:18 AM EDT July 23, 2023DarkSolidSnake 6
USF Rip Requests (last page)6:51 PM EDT July 22, 2023Rolfenston 821
blokus ps2 rip7:07 PM EDT July 21, 2023DarkSolidSnake 1
Best way to convert Pikmin 1 BMS to midi?12:34 PM EDT July 20, 2023LandonAndEmma 1
Yet Another BMS to MIDI converter12:18 PM EDT July 20, 2023LandonAndEmma 4
Anyone know where to get pikiseq.hed?11:04 PM EDT July 19, 2023LandonAndEmma 1
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss (PS2) Music Ripping?5:00 AM EDT July 15, 2023bnnm 5
VAB required!!4:40 PM EDT June 29, 2023NodaToyama 5
Turok GB stereo separation - emulation vs hardware3:47 PM EDT June 23, 2023jmr 4
Street Fighter 6 (PS4 version) - WWise Sound BNKs and BGM ripping help!10:36 PM EDT June 14, 2023J2023 1
EnableAtomDecryption & EnableManaDecryption1:51 AM EDT June 14, 2023y2kjudas 2
SNES SPC - What settings do you use when listening? (Sample Rate + Interpolation techniques) (last page)11:27 AM EDT June 13, 2023MoldyPond 19
Game Boy GBS+M3U+7z Distribution Tools2:02 AM EDT May 30, 2023nbisbo 2

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