SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
Natsume formats (last page)12:18 AM EST November 25, 2022rcsb 18
Help with custom unity sound bundle6:47 AM EST November 24, 2022ThatOnePerson 3
ZST Rip Req - Mario Kart Tour (V3.1.0)9:54 PM EST November 23, 2022KirbTails69 2
Space channel 5 Rip Sega Dreamcast minidsf problem9:13 AM EST November 23, 2022One_PlayerXD 1
Need some assistance5:59 PM EST November 18, 2022ChillyBilly 4
VGMTrans refuses create collection3:56 PM EST November 13, 2022kostrich 1
Need beginner help with the Ape Escape soundtrack3:33 PM EST November 13, 2022kostrich 3
I need help to extract additional music from a PS1 game9:44 AM EST November 13, 2022SoundGLSI 3
What are .bisar files and what are .bigrp files (last page)9:03 PM EST November 11, 2022ChillyBilly 18
Star Wars Episode III audio files .hwx and .hvg11:40 AM EST November 10, 2022Puterboy1 3
Doom Eternal Switch Version PCK/SND9:57 PM EST November 9, 2022EHT_shiniori 10
GSF Rip Request: Mario Kart XXL (Tech Demo)1:13 PM EST November 7, 2022loveemu 3
USF sample muting (last page)1:45 AM EDT November 3, 2022Volkov73 12
URF NDS files7:26 PM EDT October 31, 2022Mattrio 8
Mario Party 10 - Selecting Game Mode Track8:33 PM EDT October 29, 2022f4iry.venus 1
What VST is used for the Devil May Cry 1 Organ9:05 AM EDT October 29, 2022lohweo 3
Extract Soul Reaver 1 SFX?8:25 AM EDT October 17, 2022Dark_Ansem 1
Encoding .WAV back to .BNSF7:01 PM EDT October 15, 2022LabMember12 1
Tamarin Game Files (last page)8:01 PM EDT October 14, 20221337haXXor 15
Optimal Winamp Plugin Setup?4:07 PM EDT October 7, 2022jimbo 3

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