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Which Wii U games have their instruments rippable?6:42 PM EST December 30, 2017Mr.Sanic 3
Question about Super Mario Sunshine12:53 AM EST December 26, 2017ArcticJaguar725 8
I Made Some Game Soundfonts11:07 AM EST December 23, 2017Xouman 4
Silent Hill 2 sound files research (last page)7:50 AM EST December 22, 2017Nisto 153
Proper Battletoads arcade rip?3:02 PM EST December 21, 2017MoldyPond 7
is there a way to get a Wii U soundfont?4:54 AM EST December 21, 2017Mr.Sanic 6
Battletoads Pause Music NES12:00 AM EST December 20, 2017kode54 7
Wii U Sample Ripping7:10 PM EST December 17, 2017ArcticJaguar725 9
Earthworm Jim 3D Music Rip (PC)6:47 PM EST December 17, 2017NintenComet 1
highest quality soundfont? (last page)2:23 PM EST December 17, 2017Jesse_ 22
Super Mario 3D World Music Files10:41 PM EST December 15, 201754634564 7
popping in kirby645:02 PM EST December 15, 2017Mr.Sanic 2
Help finding DSP Coeffs1:15 AM EST December 15, 2017Mygoshi 6
Need help decoding BRR sample!4:15 AM EST December 12, 2017jimbo1qaz 5
Nudge me in the right direction..? (last page)3:58 AM EST December 12, 2017Half Mile Ride 57
How to rip the music from a Nintendo 64 Game1:21 PM EST December 10, 2017Mygoshi 3
Mario Kart Wii "Soundfont"5:26 PM EST December 5, 2017Jesse_ 1
SMG 1&2 .aw Files Help!12:48 AM EST December 5, 2017ArcticJaguar725 2
Has anyone ever made a USF plugin for Audacious on Linux?4:10 AM EST December 3, 2017kode54 2
Looping Problems4:05 PM EST November 29, 2017Mr.Sanic 1

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